S244. My emotions and happiness / feeling of sadness have really come to the surface


I discovered my soul love when she told me that I was getting too close and brought her out of balance. I took her too much of herself. She decided to put an end to the short relationship of, grab it for 3 months, to let it go. Only then did I discover the unconditional love for her.
It was a very shocking experience for me. Someone who is in your soul and you don’t want to lose anymore. It makes me very restless and every moment of the day I still think about her.
In the short time we met, it was fantastic, both sexually and just being together. Felt like coming home.
It naturally became a love affair that, although short-lived, was very intense.
We are now in the process of letting go. She is probably farther in that than I am.
My emotions and happiness / feeling of sorrow have really come to the surface.

The sexual was fantastic. As if we were one. It was not the lust, but the love that I felt. Especially when she was vulnerable, I thought she was so beautiful. I went to her house once and she walked comfortably in her household clothes and that was the best moment for me to see her.

The soul love feeling is frightening for me, but I never wanted to miss it.
I came too close to her and unbalanced her. It might not be equivalent (at least she told me)