S240. I said what he thought


I met my soul love on Hyves. I saw his photo and immediately knew: that is my true boy! The boy I’m looking for. Finally we wrote a message and slowly we started talking on hyves and msn. A meeting came a few weeks later; it was love at first sight from both sides. After that it became a very intensive relationship. I said what he thought. Finally it went out. Against my will and feeling!

A lot of things happened, but especially a lot of happiness, love and trust.

An obstacle was that he could not place my high sensitivity. I felt moods with him, asked about it, but he reflected it back to me. They were my problems according to him.
It was love at first sight. I’ve never had that feeling

Unfortunately there is no communication anymore. I try, but I get no response back. This to my great sorrow. I was devastated by the fact that the relationship has ended and to be honest: still. Would like nothing more than to have him come back to me.

What has brought me the confidence that there is more between heaven and earth and that the light, God or anyone else has long realized that you belong together. Although that may not be the case now.

The most special thing for me is that we both had the same names in mind for our possible son or daughter. That was very wonderful;

The soul love feeling is very intense and unconditional. That feeling never comes again with someone else.