S238. I have become a softer person


We met at a wedding party. now 2 years ago. Never seen each other and yet know it is there, finally found. It was like a bubble with us in it. Kisses give a hand hold, your heart so warm. Nothing is stopping you. Not your husband, not your wife. at home in your bed you think. My god what was that, and you are gasping for breath. This is it. I have been waiting for this for 29 years. I was lucky and I will never let that go.
We still have a real love affair.
My husband has always had relationships. I was a good girl, he thought he would change. He never expected me to meet someone. Yes he understood, did not know how fast he should be with his girlfriend. My friend still lives with his wife. That is harder. Life as a brother and sister. She knows there is a girlfriend. For the rest, she plays ostrich politics. Don’t have a problem with that
What it brought me is that I have become a softer person. I am more positive. be more open to other people. Feel better as a woman
For me the most special thing was unity. You come home. It feels like something very precious to me. That you must cherish
In eroticism there was no shame as is normal. we fit together. I cramped with my husband.