S236. We have both become more emotional and spiritual


We just met in the bar last year.
I am a married happy woman with 3 children and I went out with a friend. We hadn’t seen each other for a long time, so we were chatting. For a while there were a number of men next to us. We were addressed by them and 1 man ‘hit’ me. His eyes! Our conversation immediately at the spiritual level … it was very special. After half an hour the men left, he gave me his n website. We kusten elkaar en ik ging weer verder kletsen met mgirlfriend. He also thought it was very special our first meeting.

I experienced it as very special, a contact at the soul level. I felt happy.
Not much happened at that moment, but the days after that I couldn’t let go … he just kept on my mind. It felt like being unfaithful to my husband.

We have no relationship. We saw each other for the last time this week. He now has a girlfriend and he wants to break the contact, intellectually.
After our first meeting we emailed back and forth with each other. About daily things and lots of spiritual insights, etc. Because of our contact, he went to a medium because he had so many questions. After 2 months I went to coffee with him (he was single and sometimes had a girlfriend). We then had very deep conversations about life, etc. Without words we felt very well together. It was nice to be with him. Just charging, respectful to each other, no lust. I was with him for an hour and then I went again. We kissed goodbye, nothing else.

I never shared this with my husband. He knows that I met him, because a week later after our meeting, I went out with my husband and then I met him in the pub. We kissed “goodbye” and then I introduced my husband to him. My husband knows that we sometimes mail, especially spiritually. But he knows nothing about our coffee appointments.

An obstacle .. haha ​​was the lust.
After 4 months we were so familiar with each other. But he has always treated me with respect and his vision is “stay away from a married woman”. That’s why it was easy for me to meet him, because it wasn’t a danger for my husband, I thought …
The energy was very strong. We didn’t want to allow it. It started with an intense kiss …

I think we both wanted a love affair. But time doesn’t allow it.
Of course it went further than the kiss. It felt so good, so pure. As if heaven came to earth … Indescribable.
We have had many beautiful spiritual moments together. We have opened the heart chakra together. We felt the energy flowing from head to toe.
We sensibly knew that it was not good, but the feeling, our heart was very strong.
We have enjoyed each other for six months. And we both felt how intense it was and that we
never experienced this feeling, the merging, so intense.

Last week we met in the forest. We have seen each other for 45 minutes. He was already walking and I met him there. He now lives together and wants to be honest with his girlfriend. No, the relationship now is certainly not satisfactory. Because we only had email and SMS contact in recent months, it was easier for me to meet him. I’m busy with my n gezinsleven en mwork. But after we saw each other this week, it only got stronger. The desire for … pfff.
He wants to temporarily disconnect. To protect themselves. I get that. We have been on this point very often in recent months. But the feeling was so strong, we sense each other’s emotions. If it doesn’t go well for him, then I feel it and vice versa.
So respectfully and purely intellectually, we now break our contact, so I want to share my story on this site.

We have opened each other’s heart chakras and healed a part. We mirrored each other a lot. We have both become more emotional and spiritual.
The most special thing for me was the heartfelt kiss, then I felt my heart chakra in the car. And he experienced it that way. Furthermore, the feeling of ‘coming home’. I have experienced that our being together has no limits. They were all very special encounters.
Our eroticism was very intense and self-evident. Fusion.

For me, the feeling of love for the soul is like a flowing brook,
calm and sweet,
also stormy game
with my head above the water rippling
sometimes underwater, taking a look
in time on the dry
watching the stream,
but it is always
so peacefully sweet and beautiful

We have had many moments together that we can get back and where we can get energy from.

This time, our partners do not allow it Now. And we respect this choice.

This is so beautiful so special, you wish everyone this. In this society it is labeled infidelity, but I have experienced that it adds something.

My tip is: enjoy as long as it is possible
it is so pure
I am happy that I have experienced it