S235. Through my sweetheart I found myself again


Soul love has been an awakening from a hibernation for me, I was there but had not fully lived for years.
it has given me a lot of love, a very fresh perspective on life and a very good feeling about life afterwards.
I have experienced a lot in my life but this love has surpassed everything, everything I have felt and still feel and what is becoming more and more is indescribable.
what it brings me at the moment is a wonderful feeling of love at a distance but also a very deep feeling of letting go, of letting go of what is so dear to me, what I so long for, letting go of my other half who is always with me but still again not. but it is not possible and I have to go further and hope that my twin will do the same, in love I let him go to continue his path. in the hope that he will be worn and can let me go until we can be together again. It is so difficult but I know what I am doing it for, forever and ever .. I must let go because my twin has to determine his own things and not because I need him so much, that cannot be a reason.
it seems like crazy work but through a pause in my breath I find out that I really have been pulling and that I should not and should not do that .. so little distance is better and hope that if everything is in accordance with our desires that I have him in my can close my arms, that my love and I will look for our destiny together because that is there, I know and feel that but as long as necessary I will remain in the background.
hope that I can surrender to the faith in the universe / god, to the time determined by invisible forces.
it is a struggle, sometimes with deep sorrow, that will never stop as long as you are not together, I think, but it is worthy to enter because this Love is so beautiful … forever.
do not run away from this love but go for it, engage all emotions and trust your intuition .. there is a purpose .. you come together

tip; if you look back in the mirror after a heavy whimper, then you are clear again, I used to say; I don’t look and now I say when I see myself like this; I look better again, that is cleaned up again!

through my sweetie I found myself again !!