S233. A love that you can no longer ignore


For me, soul love was a click, an immediate recognition, and a feeling of immediate love. There was light in our eyes immediately and that light never went out.
if we see each other it is back and if we see each other regularly then I can continue for weeks.
My twin is an artist and travels around the world, has experienced a lot. He has now been in America for months and that is why we have almost no contact at the moment, only mail, letters. but also because that has become too difficult for us.
we feel that there is more that we want to merge into a total and that is not possible
there was a click right away, but not a desire to want everything right away. That attraction only became really impossible after many years when we recognized each other as; hey that is me! stupid astonishment when we both realized that an unknown person could feel and hear each other telepathically
Sometimes my hand went on, without wanting to lead his own life, just as if it had been like that for many years, stroking his arm just like that, I really did not on purpose, it happened outside of me, my soul felt and my body did, it feels so natural, as it always has been, it surprised me the most.
we are both in a relationship and do not want to hurt the people around us so we eliminate our own wishes and feelings as much as possible.
how long will we continue?
when I really saw my twin the first time I didn’t realize how special he was, he was familiar and I also know a moment of contact in which I knew this is an appointment that we made, this is not for right now , it was a passionate relationship that made me feel heaven never experienced anything so beautiful again, feel it now and it is impossible to describe something like that has such an impact
we lost each other for a moment and immediately when we saw each other again there was that love that deeper, how beautiful and passionate you can love someone, we could not immediately stay away from each other and the contact grew. Couldn’t get him out of my mind anymore, got my heart out, I cried a lot in that time without anyone knowing, this was not allowed to happen, was often in love but that was always passed on without being worth mentioning, but this was immediately my whole system, only after 5 years I knew that this would change my life forever, I thought if you want to keep your old life you have to leave now but that did not work because love is way too deep for that, too pure.
we exchanged tins, emails and letters and really only wanted to be together
a contact with supernatural power came to light that pointed out that I had to change, told me that I belonged to him, that it was good, that I was helped, that I was at home with him, it also felt so wonderful, I recognized everything, at home
every time I am home when I see him, then I am where I belong.
what I am sad about is that we actually belong together but are not together, as if you have pulled 2 halves apart and you feel all, really all the fraying. it hurts and it is also great. So double
my whole life I have been waiting for this love and now that there is it is in part so far away and actually still very close.
know that we are going to live together that forces from above are helping us, have shown me so many times that I have made the right choices in my life and I do not regret anything because deep down I know this is something I may, must and want to experience that it is something we must do to strengthen each other in forces that we do not yet understand.
it is a love that you can no longer ignore. we let ourselves be guided and know how it will be but when? it is difficult now but the trust in the universe / god is very big and the love for each other keeps us going, but also separated and that is contradictory again, despite the enormous distance at the moment there is between us , literally, but I know that it is only for a while and then we are closer to us.
it will be fine then we are forever with and in each other, that is how it feels, in life and love
which is sometimes difficult when you live in two worlds, with one foot in a new space and with the other on the old earth, sometimes you have to I concentrate to shut myself off from the higher, that larger space, because then everything comes in so enormously hard, which strikes me that there are more and more people who are going to experience that other world,
in my life that an ever larger play a role and also in that of my twin.
I also don’t want to worry too much anymore about energies that pull me down, that is lowering, I can no longer live in this daily. that can no longer be combined with what I live for, what we are here for, twin and I, once together.
I look to the future with hope.
in silent wonder and love for everything that happens to me and my twin, hope that he will be happy on his tour for a few more months, and that he will soon be radiantly happy with me again in our contact, and will never have to leave again to go.