S226. My twin has opened my eyes


For me, soul love is an indestructible bond that only gets stronger. How long can you stop yearning for each other, by your will, your mind. I don’t think it’s wise. 3 years ago my world suddenly turned upside down, after the recognition, to know that you want to be with someone other than your partner. Your life is all about.
You’ve lost your steering wheel for a while and have to sail entirely on your own compass. that has not been easy but now that i am finally doing it it is good I actually realized for a long time that I was no longer happy in the old way but let myself live by everything that came my way, went along with it, thought that it was so that I was doing well, but I was always tired in the meantime and had few own ideals. I now have my own business, feel better than ever. I have found myself again and my partner has peace with that.

My twin opened my eyes, showed me what it really is to care about someone , the love, the tenderness that I feel with my twin is so warming..so healing..so flowing on.

We can’t see each other that often, but the moments we have we cherish .. we make it against us again … the obstacle is that I can’t be with my twin … I am in a relationship and have a family.

I can enjoy our love but I am sometimes tired of the desire … of being together so little. I have known all my life that there was a purpose for us .. to come together with us .. and I also know that that will come .. but how long you have to wait for that .. that is so difficult ..!

It cannot be explained and I sometimes feel very sad about it .. because I feel so alone .. because I want to be with my twin so much .. just cuddle him, look into his eyes, hold on, want to feel his love for me through me
want to show my love for him .. never want to lose him again, feel him daily and think of him every minute..he is my everything.
at night my energy starts to flow through all the chakras
a very strange sensation .. I am ready to meet him .. to let go of that flow .. now I have the idea that it will be locked
when we have each other see then I feel his tenderness before me, I literally feel that in myself.

hope that there will come a day when twin is standing in front of me and holding me if only for a moment .. that we come together..i believe in it .. there is never a way back
it is exciting but also so beautiful, so loving, long for it .. how will it be? I also think it’s great that I can experience this .. no matter how it goes..love my twin unconditionally.