S218. More and more become who you actually were


It is a love that cannot be fought against. A love that strikes, of which you feel here I must do nothing wrong with this, this is so beautiful, this should not be ruined. You prefer to stay together immediately but you know that that is not the intention but that you meet each other with an intention, that was immediately clear to me. we have met for years (and believe there were a lot of them) and polished ourselves together, to become stronger and more beautiful, to let go of old, old beliefs, to become more and more who you actually were but what you had tucked away.. we have both put our whole lives first and foremost others. We have never done anything wrong with it because we were both in a relationship. but it cannot be stopped now, the attraction is so great and the lack so painful. I also feel that there is a purpose now with our love, our energy, only the environment would rather not touch it. I had a partner who felt that this was no longer for him, that my grief was too great and that I could no longer go for him, I was also honest in that, he did not immediately feel at ease with it, but he got himself finally resigned to how difficult it was for him of course, it didn’t feel right to him either. That was the hardest thing for me to hurt him, but I feel that he will eventually accept it, I would hurt him even more by staying, because we had grown apart. We still treat each other as friends and I find that very important and I feel that he is also close to me as a soul, but he is not my twin and that difference has now become too great for me, we are no longer there in the same ener! gie / wavelength. The love that you feel for your twin is so great that you can fight for a long time and live in your mind just to keep it up because you don’t want to harm anyone, but you do violence to yourself and ultimately all lovely people around you because when twins have discovered each other and recognized each other and they have grown as far as we are, then it is no longer possible to stop, they cannot do anything else because they have a purpose, to grow further, to achieve something At least that’s how I feel in this life. a few times the universe has shown me the way very hard .. we are all on our way to the light and if you have felt that light and that love from above then you can no longer say it is not there .. you will be very unhappy from. you feel pioneers in an area that is still unknown, all the special experiences you get, it is so unknown to everyone in your area, how do you explain it, how do we find our way in this? so much comes at you, but it is the most beautiful love that you can feel here on earth and I wish everyone that, how wonderful the world would look! love of a new changing world ..? ..a new energy ..? a lake of heaven and earth coming together? there are so many people who get in touch with above, more and more! also all ask for me but my feeling shows me the way. What we feel together that love is from above and is healing energy and gives us strength, radiating to our environment, when given to us to come together? with all the love for everyone around us!