S216. It looks for you and keeps pulling on you, until you understand what the intention is


It is a Love that you cannot ignore. It looks for you and keeps pulling on you, until you understand what the intention is. My twin was my first boyfriend, my big and only Love. I think we were allowed to taste that love together, but that it was not allowed to fully blossom at first because we both had part of our lives for a different part of our life, at least that’s how I feel it. I knew at a very young age that it was not the end, that it would continue, was very sad, and then I unknowingly “erased” it, searched him in the universe, in the idea that we were looking at the same moon at night and then I met him again !!!

It was right again, we were both immediately cheerful, his voice and his eyes! Have I adapted my entire life to how I was brought up, how others saw me and wanted to see me, why?

I wanted to push it away for a long time, something like that; it may not be there, ha, but it didn’t work, everywhere I came across things / people that reminded me of him. I made the decision, I chose to bring my dream and my real life into harmony, so that I no longer have to live a double life, it felt so tense.

now I am happy, handle everything that suits me. I live again , get friends who suit me .. even my children laugh because I can get so crazy again. hope my dream will come true ..

woke up this morning and read this piece;

“A warrior of light sometimes has the feeling of leading two lives.

In one of them he is forced to do everything he does not want to fight for ideals in which he does not believe. But at the same time there is another life that he discovers in his dreams, in books, and when he meets people who think like him. The warrior lets his two lives move together. There is a bridge between the two, a connection between what I do and what I would like to do, he thinks. Slowly his dreams will become involved in his daily life and at a certain moment he realizes that he is ready for what he always wanted.

And then only a little bit of courage is needed – and both lives become one life. “

Now that my twin and I have come to the point where we feel that it is almost time for our lives to merge, I now feel that we may therefore have a very young feeling of feeling / tasting to make it less scary now. You have already been so familiar with each other, that is now easier to admit. because it is exciting, but also incredibly beautiful …

Everything is nicely conducted … thank you dear Power from above ..