S213. It has turned my life upside down


I got to know my soulmate at the age of 15, we just didn’t know this about each other, but we looked at each other for the first time and there was a spark … He has always been a common thread throughout my life, now after 20 years later he contacted me again since a year and this turned everything upside down for me and for him … This love went very deep and he gave me tips all the time but later the penny fell on me. He is spiritually farther than me, but it is as if this has accelerated

The loss I had had all those years fell away immediately I knew it right away he was the piece that I missed it felt as if I had lost someone … the moment I was in an enormously difficult period he contacted me , afterwards I heard from him that he also had a hard time .. From that contact he is in my mind every second and I in his mind, we feel each other’s presence together, when he thinks of something I say it and the other way around , if I think strongly of him that I would like to hear from him, then suddenly the phone rings, or he taps me on msn, or you name it sms. I also see his name everywhere or something reminds me of him

We had a relationship 20 years ago, he was my childhood love but also my true love.

At the moment we are both in a relationship with both children, our partners know that we have been dating before, but they do not know that we are each other’s soulmates because we cannot tell this to not want to destroy anything.

We had a very big obstacle in our time, someone who fired us apart by saying that we did not fit together, even if he did not get too intimate with me, otherwise something would be waving at him.

We really want a love relationship with each other because we feel at home together, the attraction is enormous, as soon as we get close to each other or hug each other, we both shake like a leaf on a tree … But there is a love relationship unfortunately not for us at the moment because we are both still in a relationship and we want to make something out of it as well as we can if it doesn’t work out over time then we choose 100% for each other.

We have a very close friendship with each other, we feel each other’s beloved, alone or without sex … At the moment it is still satisfactory but this will not last long, we both feel this.

What it has brought us is an enormous amount of love for everything that lives … and it has taught me to see what my disadvantages are, we mirror each other and we learn from that every day

I found the most special; the first time we saw each other again … it immediately felt familiar again and he could look at me for hours, told me that he had missed me so much, I also missed him so intensely, and the 1st kiss we gave each other there the sparks burst from … so indescribable

We have experienced eroticism with each other and it seemed as if I was floating, we have not gone further, but this was already heavenly … We have never experienced this feeling together before in a relationship.

You can’t describe the feeling of love for the soul, you just have to experience this yourself.

We do not have a love affair at the moment but we know that we will get back together, we are both having a hard time with it that this is no different at the moment and accept it, but we know that it will not be long before we will will come together. this has never been our decision to separate.

We talk to each other a lot and want to go to each other as often as possible to be able to be together … It has turned my life upside down It feels so good but it also hurts a lot and I am very sad because I want to be so close to him.

My tip; as soon as you know that you are each other’s soulmates, go for it, even if you have a relationship (I know we don’t do this now). Follow your heart and your feelings.