S212. Soul Love has taught me a lot about myself


Discovering soul love is something that goes through marrow and bone, through everything. You know it, you feel it. I have even experienced it a number of times, it is a sense of belonging that goes so deep and such an amalgamation that you feel, smell, know, hear that other person. It is almost impossible to express in words. I have had love relationships, but I have only known soul love because the other person was in a relationship.
I myself have never been in a relationship when I experienced this, I was always free when it happened.

I have known soul love with someone from another country and the obstacles that I know are the limitations of my own view, rationalizing or ignoring.
We wanted a love affair … but sometimes it just wasn’t possible. With the last love of my soul I have a distant relationship …… .and I find that a shame… but that has to do with the function of that person and his current relationship.

Soul love has taught me a great deal about myself , felt higher love, but also had the same dream with one soulmate in the same night, he as a man, I as a woman about a life we ​​had once lived. We felt that very strongly. With the last love of my soul, I have seen a past life myself and have been able to understand things that I encounter in this life. Even though the other person does not have this, I have involved him and asked if he wanted to do things for me that related to not being able to say goodbye to this person in that life.

For me the most special thing was … dreaming, meeting each other energetically, asking him questions in myself, his voice answering and then looking at each other very deeply while not saying a word. Very beautiful, very grateful, very special.

Eroticism felt like an amalgamation of 2 souls … … something that is incomprehensible.

For me, the soul love feeling is: peace, freedom, not being alone, purity, depth, passion, higher love, warm, very warm, coming home, feeling confident / trusted.

The relationship was ended by my own stubbornness and by sitting in my ratio and underestimating, pressing and ignoring the rest. There is still telephone contact and we can still talk and cry and laugh together very well. but I miss it enormously. With the latter there are still some things going on, even though this is on a different level. I miss him anyway … but unfortunately.

I’m not looking for a soul love again, searching makes no sense, it’s suddenly there and you can’t plan it. It is more that when I come across a soul love again that I will do some things differently and hopefully much more in line with heart, soul and mind when I am with him.

There is a lot to tell, soul loves … I have experienced them 4x … so it’s not just with that one person. It can really be with many more people. I find it most difficult to attract and repel … that makes it complicated

My tip is: experience, feel, listen, hear … it is in my eyes the most beautiful gift on earth regardless of whether it will be something or not. Stay well with yourself and don’t hide, don’t rationalize it too much.