S209. It touches you in your soul


I came to work at a port terminal for my work. I had known her for 10 years. we greeted each other and there was a short conversation finally there was recognition from both sides, first a game came from let’s walk with the dogs once that went on for a while, then it became when we get married, then said tomorrow, the next day where were you now oh I stood there yes but I stood in the Brielle well that’s how recognition came about.

We experienced it as if we were not on earth for a moment, we float in the universe our souls merge, it is beautiful and intense we return to earth as another person, what experienced did not know another person, love was beautiful, pure and intense. hardly anyone comes that close. I have also incorporated this into a poem, everything is 10 times as violent and if you lose it, it hurts so much, I see her every day.

We had a love affair. She thought she could handle it, she eventually fled, it got too stuffy for her, she used an excuse for it and dragged in everything she could, I am further than her in this beautiful little world. She broke it off in a silly way, she hadn’t washed it up. Through insights she still has to give her past a place and still needs to grow. I was spiritually spiritual and wisdom a lot further, had better understood the message.

What it has brought me is that it is fair, pure and touches you in your soul.
I found the conversations the most special thing about sex, sometimes you can talk for hours about a subject and it doesn’t get boring.

Eroticism is intense and lasts much longer, whole nights and days, a little sleep now and then, delicious food and then lovely sex; it is impossible to describe

It feels like one but it also has 2 faces; happy and not so nice. Walk around with it, she doesn’t want to talk about it and escapes me. We talk to each other very slowly.

I believe that I will always think of her with someone else, you will only experience this once, perhaps I may finish it in this life and otherwise in the next life if she is also ready for it.

My tip: Try to find your inner peace, although it is not easy. Try to work on yourself and grow.