S208. For a moment I did not know who was who anymore


At our first meeting he looked at me and I had a strong feeling of: Who are you? I know you, you feel like me. He said exactly the words that I was thinking. It felt so familiar, as if I had known him for a long time. I don’t think he realized this himself. I had a strong feeling that he liked me and admired me, we had a huge click from day 1. I thought; There is someone like me.

In a later conversation I shook hands with him and something very strange happened; A warm energy flowed through my hand, it didn’t feel like the familiar warmth of a warm hand, but it really felt like the flow of something warm. I was amazed, could not tell anyone, had never experienced this, did not know where to look it up. If I told someone they might declare me crazy 🙂 I don’t know if he felt this too, the energy flow. I dreamed a lot, had predictive dreams, knew in advance what would happen. I knew when I would see him. I received a kind of “emotional talk” in advance that we would talk about at subsequent meetings. Even the words that shot through my mind were mentioned. He could read my mind, and I think so too.we just had telepathic contact. If I tried to make this negotiable, he always tried to explain it in a rational way, so I immediately stopped.

I have not had a relationship with him. He is a social worker (not a psychologist) and has supported me through a difficult process. He could somehow “read” in my gaze what went through me. Very often words were unnecessary and we spoke through our eyes. We understood each other even when we sat next to each other and said nothing. It was a very involved, caring, sweet person.

My partner does not know, but I suspect that he did feel it during that period, discussing something like that would be to the detriment of everyone, I therefore did not.

The impossibility of a relationship is so strong. You could almost say it is impossible. There are so many obstacles and you would have to surrender so many to make a relationship possible. It is at the expense of too many people, so then you still sacrifice your love and it becomes a kind of holy love …

We are both rational and do not dare to take risks so quickly. I think he never wanted a love affair, never said it and never showed it. I always felt an affection and involvement on his part, he kept an eye on me and was very caring towards me, as if he was always trying to protect me. At moments when I was sad it felt like he felt the same stab and pain, he tried to comfort me and even cheer me up.

These days I hardly see him, after trying to make it clear in a conversation that I had feelings for him, he pulled up a wall and took his distance. He did not respond to emails and in a certain way made sure that we no longer saw each other. Whenever I saw him by chance I could read his fear. It seemed like a fear of my love . It seems, however painful that I will not come across him that often. I hope to see him again, even if it is in a friendly way.

The soul love really shook me up , made me feel what unconditional love is. A mirror held up, also showing how beautiful my soul is. I have noticed that there is so much more between heaven and earth, too bad that I came across it too late.

The most special thing for me was when I was sitting on a bench, staring sadly in front of me, he came to comfort me. Then there was a moment when he looked at me so deeply, it felt like we were 1. I did not know who was who anymore and it seemed as if I was being lifted for a moment, had a look into paradise, and that for just a few seconds? I was shocked and looked away, but for me that moment was a gift from seventh heaven. A connection with my twinflame.

The soul love feeling has been a sign to me that there is real love and that the world can be beautiful when you are together with your twinflame. The power and energy that you have when you see each other is as if you can handle the world again and can share love with everyone.

The fact that I no longer see him now hurts so much. It is also extremely difficult to continue with your life if you have experienced such a thing. As if all the color of the world disappears again, nothing makes sense anymore and you hope that life will soon pass. It also feels like a loss, even as a grieving process, for someone disappearing from my life.

I now focus a lot of attention on helping people, both in my work and in daily life. I give and give, I miss him very much, that hurts. Sometimes I see something of him in others, but so far I haven’t met anyone like him. I do not believe in it either, I have reached that top of love but I quickly got rid of it again. My only consolation is that I can still feel his presence. At difficult moments I even feel as if he is comforting me, I do not know whether this is an illusion that I am inventing or whether he actually has contact with me. I hope so.

For me, soul love is divine love. In his eyes I have experienced the love of god, so deeply.

Through this site I want to wish everyone a lot of strength, because it is quite something to experience soul love.

What touches me most in your story is that you experience your life as colorless due to the lack of your soul love. Your soul love is always with you, because you feel him, you know that he loves you too, even though he did not tell you that. I do not experience you as rational, but rather as a feeling person, otherwise you would not care that you have no contact at this time. What also strikes me in your story is that my attitude is quite similar to what I had at the first meeting of that young woman. Soul Love really only flourishes if you love yourself.