S189. I grew and grew


I met my twin by chance. I could immediately feel what he felt , deep sadness and I felt that at the time. I also knew why he felt that.
When I spoke to him later, every word was what I just wanted to say. I also felt what he felt and thought and thought it was spooky, but also a kind of warm coming home.

We never had a relationship, a kind of working relationship, but that didn’t work, my feelings were far too dominating; I rolled from one surprise to the other through everything I got to know from him; it was like me, and yet not again.

I had many clairvoyant dreams at the time about him and about things that really came true. I am clairvoyant (not developed) and I have that often but this was all very confronting. I especially felt that magnetic connection all the time but it made me physically lame.

There was a sort of magnetic attraction that had fastened us together like a transparent cord, rock solid. Very confronting. For me it was directly related to love and unconditionally ; although I found properties of this person not really attractive.

I am married, not unhappy; he was kind or free and clear in a phase where he did not want anything fast. He cut off the contact, it just didn’t work and it was as if I was torn apart. I was also relieved that he broke it down, it just couldn’t, then it wasn’t, that way. but strangely enough our spiritual connection remained; became even more active. After a while I physically got back up and picked up my life work again; I grew and grew , he stayed, is always with me, on a different level.

We have no relationship; I don’t know how he experiences this connection; I think he once had such an experience. I’m sure he’s my twin; such a mirror, yet so different and such an incredibly powerful shining spiritual bond; it’s a gift. moreover we physically resemble each other.
I only see earthly love as something similar to soul love; even with a twin beam; you are on the earth together for a reason. you are here to live earthly, not to float away. It is the beautiful spiritual souls who simply show how beautiful the earthly abode can be. This feels so beautiful; it cannot be the intention to destroy something else.

after a long grief, soul love brought me back on the ground with great speed; comforted me, made me milder to my fellow man. Show me how I want to love and be loved. But also better I don’t tolerate fussy behavior around me; whining for nothing, gossip and stuff; became even more a loner, more focused in my work.
Learned how I can help my twin in its development through spiritual contact. It also taught me what ego is; if you are deeply sad, little is left of that; when your twin turns up you feel secure, enormous love that is indescribable but also vulnerable.

The most special thing for me was that I had a clairvoyant dream in which I comforted him, that was very nice.

I only touched my twin; it felt wonderful, went without saying.
Spiritual love also naturally. nothing else but that was not really necessary.

It seems that I meet more and more people with whom I communicate in a friendly way on a soul-loving basis, I like that.
I am honored to have a family and a very real twin; even though it’s confrontational I can handle it; in fact, I believe we can all grow through it. I would never look for love; all comes naturally.