S179. Soul love has brought me love for myself, lost myself


I got to know him ‘again’ at a reunion, knew him from the past, according to him we had not seen or spoken to each other for about 11 years, more than 35 years. When I saw him the lightning struck me and him too, nothing else existed, only us! Got the feeling of: hey .. are you finally there? It felt so good and familiar, but what did I know about him and he about me? Told that I was in divorce but did not know at the time that he was in a relationship.
At the end of the evening, he said he wanted to take me out to dinner as soon as he was back from vacation. Had doubts about his promise, maybe had a little too much to drink but was pleasantly surprised that he had visited me a few days later via Hyves.
The following days I had a lot of contact via msn and it was good, felt good, but he was in a relationship, and I told myself it was not good, not for him and not for me.
It was good that he went on vacation, enjoying and resting, thinking about his relationship, about us, what we wanted to see each other again had become very clear.
That week received several text messages from America where he was on vacation, that he thought of me, and was looking forward to our date, called again.
Was still septic until he stood before me again and kissed me and I knew … I was home, here I belonged, with him !!!!

I cannot really describe what I felt, was stunned with love, I had never experienced this, but knew that I did not want to lose it anymore, I did not want to lose it anymore, never again !!!
We had a very intense time, wanted to see each other very often, but it was difficult, also because of his girlfriend.
It was an obstacle that he continued to feel guilty towards his girlfriend and eventually broke with me.

I can only speak for myself and yes…. I wanted a love relationship and he initially, he moved in with me a few days later to go back to his girlfriend, he broke feelings of guilt and wanted to try everything to get his relationship in order. Understand it, but god how it hurt, he couldn’t help it.
To make a long story short, he came back twice more and to this day, he is with her again.

To date, we no longer have contact with each other, try it, with text messages, especially if I’m having a hard time, but I don’t get a response from him anymore. Would like so differently.

Soul love has brought me love for myself, lost myself.
Thanks to him I found myself again, he held up a mirror so that I could see myself again.

What I found most special was the feeling that we ‘came home together’. Soul love feels like unconditional love, never knew what it meant, but now that I have been able to experience it, I know what it means, something you will never experience again, so intense, so full of love. The fact that there is someone like you! I often wondered, must there be someone like me? Now know that he is there, and although he is no longer in my life, he is in my heart and will stay there all my life.

I often feel alone and sad, although it is now a lot better now that I have learned more about twinflames on this site , did not know it existed, went looking for soulmates because I knew he was my soulmate, but I didn’t realize that it went so much deeper, it was all so recognizable, the explanation, the stories of other people and it reassured me to know that he is my twinflame. If only I had come across this site earlier because I could have asked him if he felt the same way.

It makes no sense to look for a new soul love because something like this happens only once in your life, now I have ‘peace’ with it, but god … how I would like to meet him again, to feel the feeling of being one together to feel. I know someday I will meet him again, here or in a next life and that is enough for me at the moment.

My tip is: Enjoy and praise yourself for being able to experience this, cherish it in your heart, even if it sometimes hurts