S176. It seems as if her heart is in me and the other way around


I discovered my soul love at work. She was present during my job interview. I felt something but could not understand what it was.
Nobody understands. I don’t think so much about my partner as I think about her. I once mentioned an example that was placed on another, there was little understanding for that. I think about her every day and sometimes I feel where she is.

How I have experienced it and still have it. It is a wonderful feeling. With eye contact we already understand each other. If one of us is not there, we know where to find each other again. With appointments at work we do not miss each other and we just meet again. We cuddle a lot and I think everything is beautiful about her. In everything she does I see in myself, I do exactly the same, only she is more stubborn. Other people think we are crazy, we are in love or something, but it is just a lot more, it seems as if her heart is in me and the other way around.

We still interact. This has been around for a year. And still the same feeling. Sitting together and embracing.
The reactions of people are an obstacle, while everyone has a relationship

We don’t have a love relationship, I don’t think so. that’s how delicious it is. we cuddle all day long. I would like to give her a French kiss once, just to feel what it is like, not more than that.
Our association is very cuddly, I have a hard time keeping away from her. She is a bit modest when there are people. When she sits next to me I feel the warmth, and she feels the same. It is wonderfully satisfied.
I still have a wonderful time. I forgot my problems. Every day when I wake up and see her, I rejoice

I found her kiss on my cheek most unusual. And the embrace against her. Also standing in difficult times for each other.
I’m glad to be like that. I hope to always keep this feeling. Only drawback is that I am always afraid that something will happen to her, afraid that I might lose her.

My tip is: Enjoy it. And be careful with each other. Take it easy. and use your energy from each other and towards each other.