S166. I have experienced the deepest love and the greatest confidence in myself and in her


We were already friends, had the same aunt. Have known each other since childhood but had not seen each other for 28 years. There was immediately a deep sense of belonging. We had known each other as a child because she was a niece of a niece. Long time no see, you have become a nice person. A series of encounters began … In a large group we felt like we were in a bubble. If I did say how much I had missed her all those years, we would both cry with happiness …. it could take three months, months with high peaks and deep valleys. The love between us was strong but not strong enough to withstand the intensity. We joined in Scotland at the sacred site of Templewood. A week later it was over. She no longer sustained this fierceness.It was heavy, high peaks and deep valleys. When we suddenly ended up in bed together from an intense friendship and felt sooooo good, we knew why it clicked so well. An intense period followed, very intense in terms of being together and also where the depth of our feelings was concerned. The end was also very intense with finally my love who symbolically cuts our line with scissors.

An obstacle was the intensity of everything we felt for each other.
We wanted a love relationship together. The feeling was obvious.
Now we are apart and I miss her.
She is probably angry because it turned out to be difficult for me to let go.

I have experienced the deepest love and the greatest confidence in myself and in her. The most special of all was from a depth that was never experienced before.
During eroticism I could shiver with pleasure when she touched me or came to me at night.
The soul love feeling is for me; deep deep all-embracing

We no longer have a relationship, she experienced things she could not name and had to be free again.
I am afraid that I will not find another soul love again.
I miss her so much that it is painful.

It hurts so much …. knowing that the other half isn’t working now is a terrible thing. Knowing and feeling that there is another half of you and that it is so close is the most difficult thing I have ever experienced.
The line has been cut.
The feeling is still there and burning …… ..

My tip; enjoy and am happy because it is the best thing that can happen to you.