S152. You are going to love yourself


I met my soul love about 5 years ago. But the spark only passed over to me 4 years ago. Not with him: When he saw me, it was clear to him. I want her and nobody else ..! When he dared to tell his feelings for me, it hit like a bomb. In the positive sense then… .. I walked on clouds and could handle the whole world. He LOVED ME !!!!!! Everything fell into place. It felt like coming home in every way possible. I have never felt so accepted by anyone. The knowledge that I was allowed to be the way I am without conditions made me feel very confident about myself. Something someone had never succeeded …. A few weeks of extremely intense and intense contact followed. Only via SMS and telephone. We discussed everything in those weeks. I laughed a lot but also cried a lot,
We are both married. We both have children and despite the fact that I was absolutely not happy in our marriage at the time, I didn’t want to leave just like that. It became a fight of attraction and repulsion, contact, not contact. With each goodbye a piece of myself died and when we had contact again I LIVE. Unbelievable that I felt exactly what he thought and did and felt … the other way around it was and that made love only get more intense. All that happened in 4 weeks and then it was over … ..

We were both married and his partner found out about our love and that was the end of our contact. I told my partner and that was the turning point in our marriage. My husband went to fight like a lion for me. But he did not understand how intense love was with the other man. He also closed there beforehand. Talking about it was and still is not an option.

How I experienced it … What happened to me is hard to describe … I came home and never wanted to leave. That man has unleashed so much in me and gave me the feeling of total security and an all-embracing love that I can still be completely upset when I think back.When I drove in the car I felt that I would meet him and that happened, knew exactly when he would call. But what was so special for me is that we were so close to each other with our thoughts that I felt as he thought of me. In a flash I saw how he felt and that was the other way around … Really, I can’t imagine that it exists … In addition, I still start to glow when I think of him and always have a smile that can’t be compared to anything … His scent is so indescribable … I can turn it into a whole week …. Some people saw us together when we hadn’t said anything about love to each other. My girlfriend was approached several times that evening asking if we had a love affair. The sparks flew back and forth …There were hardly any talks about those precious moments that we could be together. Was also completely unnecessary … sometimes words are not necessary to experience what someone else feels.

Our relationship was an all-embracing intense love relationship without sex … Unfortunately !! A fierce physical contact but we didn’t get any further.

The biggest obstacle is that we no longer have contact … Partly forced and partly a decision that we made together because we are both in a marriage. I don’t want to get out of there, because I’m right. That is what makes it so difficult. I have a good man and lovely children, so I don’t have to complain … But I cannot and will not forget or lose my soul love.
We both know that if we contact again, the end is lost and we lose ourselves in such a way that there is no stopping it anymore !!! We have often tried that, but even then there was the fight of attracting and repelling. The battery was charged again for a while and we were both able to take it again … Even if it was only for a short period. Soon the sorrow was back and the whole fight started all over again …
Then there is the eternal fight with myself, shall I call, pass by and see if I catch a glimpse of him? I can’t live without that man and that sometimes makes me sick. He has that too and that thought keeps me going. He has said that I should see it as a gift that there is someone who loves me dearly. It is doubly so … am so grateful and happy that I am my love came from, but at the same time it puts my whole world upside down … just me .Voel incomplete without him … Even though I know it’s not is reserved for us ..

We really wanted a love affair, we also had it for a few weeks … Then it was over …. It couldn’t be … We now have a love affair but without contact … Yet we know when we think of each other and what we feel for each other. That is very special but not always enough … It is not possible to be together due to all kinds of circumstances !!!

My soul love has shown me a fantastic form of love. An all-embracing and intense love that is unconditional is a love of total acceptance for each other .. He is the most fantastic man that exists and who always loves me unconditionally. Even though there is no contact anymore …

What I find most special is the supernatural feeling of knowing what goes on in each other. Know without contact that you think of each other and how you are doing. Just know what he is going to say to you and see from him what it is about him….

Unfortunately there has been no eroticism between us in the sense of making love. Despite the fact that I wanted to, I thought I should keep that part for my husband … everything else felt so cheating. It cost me a lot of effort not to do it ..

For me, the soul-loving feeling is like an all-embracing feeling of coming home. A feeling where there is room for all emotions and that is also possible because you both experience it that way. The respect the warmth and the intense love have made me a different person !!! Those are happy experiences …
There is also the intense sadness, the enormous empty feeling that takes hold of me when he is not there … or when I think he is gone … The weekends and holidays are therefore sometimes very heavy …

We no longer have a relationship and that feels like someone has died. My buddy is no longer and that hurts so much !!!! He is so close so often, but also miles away. Contact is impossible and that is a drama … Contact has been terminated because of various reasons.

I am not looking for another soul love because I will never find that again …. This love is unbeatable.

I did not know the love of my soul and until I found this site a kind of peace came over me …. As if what happens to you is justified !!! It is wonderful to read all those stories and to know that it is allowed, and that there are more people who have experienced this …

My tip: Listen to your intuition and feeling … Enjoy your soul love. It teaches you a lot about yourself and makes you a better person. You are going to love yourself …