S148. He taught me that you have to stand harder and stronger in the world


I discovered him on the soccer field both of our sons were on the same team. We looked at each other as if we were seeing lost love again.
You feel completely glowing inside and you are happy to see it again. When we went both ways again we feel very sad, as if you just buried someone and have not yet processed that the person is already dead.
We miss each other every second of the day. Even with work we come into each other’s mind.
We have a very difficult relationship because we are both married and want to stay that way. because of. Children.
My partner still doesn’t know anything at the moment. He feels that there is something, but we have not yet spoken about it
Being an obstacle is being married. We both have children and want to keep that stable world for the children that way.
The attraction is very large. if we are ever really together, it will also be difficult for us not to sit together. The release is the most difficult of them all We
currently have a friendly relationship that we are not happy with at all.
He taught me that you have to stand harder and stronger in the world.

The most special thing is that when we were standing on the soccer field and that we were looking into each other’s eyes and we could no longer release each other until a few people came and shook us awake. We merged so much that I saw his life go by and he saw mine. The people around us looked a bit strange, especially because they know that we are both married.

The soul love feeling is heavenly, pain, sadness, jitters in your belly no longer come out of your words, trembling on your legs.

I think I would meet no one else but him, it is indescribable how you experience such a thing, for me he is the only real one in my life.

I don’t know if I’m so happy that I met him. my life is upside down and stable life that I had is gone. but on the other hand, I am happy that I met him, did not know that I could have feelings for someone like that, and actually it is for him.

My tip: enjoy it