S147. Tunnel experience


How should I describe this? I’m just starting. From my youngest age, consciously, I have always KNOWED that after my time on this wonderful and beautiful planet, this is a temporary being. That this is a reflection of the real world and thoughts after this earthly life. I remember that in the famine winter (1944-45) I saw a tunnel in bed at the age of 15 and I was very curious to go into it whatever I did. This tunnel was not scary, the color of this tunnel was a very beautiful black. I was already a long way in when a door in the tunnel closed and I could not continue. The next evening I got to see the tunnel again and halfway through the door that closed, so did the third time. Then I got an inspiration; until here and no further. Going further would be an INCREDIBLE DISAPPOINTMENT in my future life if I was back in bed. After that time I am very hypersensitive, the feeling of people, feeling clearly, knowing what is good or not so good. Only ten years ago did I realize, the tunnel, In myself I know what it can look like, after the transition into the new life. Your own thoughts will get you where you have alignment. I have also observed the transition (dying) of various people. I also know what one of the tasks here on earth is. Telling that there is no death but a transition to another life, where there is no pain and where there can be further progress if you want and your supervisor (s) can guide you, for example family, and become more aware of you possibilities etc. You are almost alone here when you talk about it. Fortunately, there are some who feel this and can talk to you. This is just what I wanted to say about my partial tunnel experience.