S142. This is the very best and the highest you can experience, you don’t want anything else anymore


I was in a deep crisis when I first saw someone I found so familiar and could look at the bottom of his heart and soul, having never seen him before, yet I knew him, it was as if I was in myself saw him , he did not know me at all but messages came, I am gifted paranormally. I communicated telepathically with him and warned him in the event of danger, everything was confirmed.
I experienced it very intensely, got sick, something was pulled out of my body and it felt like I was in 2 places at the same time, he was in the tropics for a while and I here in the Netherlands, but I felt myself in his skin and I walked emotionally in the tropics, at the same time I received tickets from the tropics with lyrics; you’ll sang to me, you’ll inside of me, I got dreams and visions from us together. for example, sometimes I had the feeling of being on an airplane for a whole day and it turned out that he had stepped on it that day, I felt when changes were coming and could describe them precisely, and it was confirmed. The groceries come more often and more often

I had no relationship but shared my house with a family member who understood.
I have not met him yet because I thought it was impossible to meet him, nor do I dare fear the violent explosion, we clearly have astral communication. We have a purely telepathic relationship.
I want nothing more than to meet him

It was as if I was coming home, as if I felt the deepest being within myself waking up , I think this is the awakening of the kundalini chi, who starts his journey up the chakras when I think of him, hear his name or his voice then I am at home, at the bottom of my soul.
It emits a very intense energy that is very beautiful and full of beauty and full of love, very pure and real. It feels like a second skin . This is the very best and the highest you can experience, you don’t want anything else anymore.

It is too special to ignore or rationalize, I think a twinflame is predetermined, a gift from a higher power, search and you will find ………… .all is predetermined, there is no coincidence there follows synchronicity, until there is room is to be allowed to meet, do not be patient, push or pull.

My tip; be grateful and happy if you can experience this, don’t think you’re crazy or something … don’t ignore the messages, I write them down. Wait for signs.