S141. We have found ourselves in each other


I know my soul love from my youth. The strange thing is that each of us has lived our own life so far, and in all those years we suddenly met again and again. The reunion was always short but great, and then we were again aware of the path we each had taken. We met again and again after a fierce period. And we always loved meeting each other, but it was just that.

Now I suddenly come across him again and we started talking to each other. And suddenly there was the click of PATS! We think it is strange that we have met WEATHER again, and that we are also suddenly approaching each other enormously. AND also very fond of it, but at the same time it feels like a bit of ” coming home ” to us, very strange.
Because if I am in love, I am not myself at all in the beginning. And with him it is completely different. I can totally be myself, also with my lesser sides. And that is mutual.
We saw each other, fell in love too, and actually didn’t want to leave each other anymore.
And the most special thing is that we are on the same track in terms of spiritual development, while we are very different, but not emotionally. And it is even stranger that we often think, feel and say the same thing at the same time …. And our pasts are almost synchronous in terms of events and intensity.

He is alone in a relationship, of which he already knows that it is slowly ending. He has felt that for years.
I myself am single, but I immediately indicated that he cannot choose me and that he just has to live his life the way it is. I do the same.
And yet we know that we will be together as partners in a while. We just leave it to the time …

It is the deepest love I have ever felt , and it transcends any relationship I have had.
We also know from each other that we will no longer lose each other.
A knowing of the heart.

I myself was in a relationship that did not work and was difficult, and when I met my soul love, my relationship suddenly ended. Not by myself, but because the other went back to his ex-wife. I was devastated, but suddenly my soul love was there, while I was not in love with him at all. That came later ….
He himself lives together, but that relationship has not been going well for years and he also knows that it will end.
His partner doesn’t know about my existence, because she couldn’t handle that.

Soul Love; there is only 1 word for it: coming home…. Complete perfection in terms of feeling.
But with such intensity in love that I often have to cry over it. I love this man so dearly. I have never loved anyone so much in that way …
And the great thing is that I love to give him his life, without having to know how he fills it in or whatever. I had a bit with previous relationships. And with him, for the first time, I have no expectations at all, simply because that does not matter. Because I am satisfied with myself and have developed very spiritually in recent years, just like him by the way.
We are also both with the same vision in life now, and we are both very deeply concerned with our inner life.

The feeling is so transcendent that we feel that we belong together. Nothing can intervene there. Even though he would not leave his current relationship. I also told him that I do not think that is realistic, because we still have the feeling that we belong together.

Have an extra-marital relationship with him now. A kind of double life for him at the moment. But we know that this will change over time. We don’t know when and how, but that’s how we feel. And that is a wonderful thing.

The obstacle that he is still in a relationship, which means that we hardly see each other. A lot of contact via mail. But it’s good for now. Neither of us wants him to suddenly step out of his relationship radically, simply because it involves too much misery.
But that will happen in the future is simply. Only that will go gradually …

We absolutely want a love affair. We already have ourselves . We have found ourselves in each other and we have been looking for that for a long time after many failed relationships (each of us has had 3….
The relationship as he currently is is on the one hand satisfactory, on on the other hand, not entirely, because we cannot really give ourselves to each other physically, because the attraction cannot be articulated simply, so intensely intense ….
But we both have faith in the future and know that we come together as a partner .
we have no explanation for this, but we feel that way.

This soul love brings me a kind of confirmation of what I already was and am. A mirror, a homecoming, a man in which I find and see all the elements that I always wanted.
Although I am very realistic, I see it as a kind of prince on the white horse, although I actually think that is nonsense. But that’s how it feels….
AND just like that … And this man goes for me, something I never had with previous relationships. I had to be the strong woman there (I am too) but with this man I can also be very small.

The most special thing for me is the feeling of coming “home”, and just being deeply moved by each other when we look at each other … and then, out of craziness, I don’t know how intimately you should hold each other, that’s how deep it is ….

And always say exactly the same things at the same time, independently of each other. And by chance we don’t believe either.

Erotic is very different. Because you can open yourself up completely and have no hesitation, while we don’t know each other in that area at all. It is so deep that even the official “deed” does not matter if it could not happen.
The eroticism and sexual tension are even in the hands, face, etc. The actual sex does not actually have to be involved, but that is fortunately the case … because that too is blissful.

The soul love feeling is for me the unconditional love, based on the feeling, without having to name things. Being Fulfilled, surpassing everything … even death. So deep.
And being able to give each other absolute space for each other’s own self. So that that can remain unaffected.

I believe in miracles and that they will certainly come your way. And especially if you are not looking for it.

My tip; Believe in your own intuition