S139. It has passed through every cell of my body


When I read here I sometimes think … how do you know when you experienced it, how do I know that it is not a soul relationship … there is love in many ways … my story I saw someone coming on the bike .. we looked at each other … and it seemed as if we were completely melting into each other … I also literally told my sister who was there then … I am connected to that … my whole world was turned upside down when we met a second one … that warmth that I felt in my heart … … and that energy that was present between us … the union of our energies was strong … so strong that we both didn’t “function” properly. We were in a different dimension it seemed to be wherever I was … we were together despite being often miles apart … … my love of my life.Eventually he could not handle the energy that was constantly there between us … and asked me to cut our line .. he was crazy he felt .. it seemed like I was in him so he told me it was a pity … actually did not want that … because I knew at that moment … tis too early … this is the beginning of the end.we deliberately stopped each other … did not work .. I lived from my feeling .. and he was unable to grow spiritually … despite the experience and feeling we had … did he not want to go there….we are connected …. we meet each other and still feel the energy of each other … we both feel that there is a bond and I still feel the love …. that to him is unconditional … that will never disappear how I release it went to leave. Das by with all your soul element I say … to live on to be able to live it has passed through every cell of my body I have been able to let go of it … process in which I have completely collapsed .. completely isolated myself … 2 weeks and I was “Liberated” and could really let him go … in love if this is recognized by others who have met … … then I have met my soul love … and let go again