S136. If you love someone then you don’t have to look any further for further depth


I got to know my soul love when I was 16 years old in a disco, had already had some friends and was just about to be finished with boys. He suddenly stood before me, I was completely in the world THOSE EYES !!! ! We had a couple of weeks together, after he broke up I couldn’t get him out of my mind anymore and started using boys. A year later he saw me walking with a boyfriend I had then and thought; I have to win her back. And that worked (of course!). For a year we had a very strong relationship, full of passion, never had a fight, in short it was a dream, too good to be true.

And so he came back from vacation with his father and broke up with tears in his eyes a hug and a very passionate kiss. My world collapsed, and I mourned for 2 years , lost my faith in people and couldn’t fall in love anymore. After the grieving process I certainly found myself, and could say that I was very proud of myself. But he continued to gnaw at me, according to him I also stayed in his mind and he also tried to visit me again. I did not know it had a name (soul love) but I did know that it went much deeper, and that I would no longer experience this with someone else.

21 I was getting to know my current husband. 7 years later I found a relocation message from my soul love at work, which I had often searched for, to contact again. I put on the bad shoes and called him up. WOW !!!! immediately butterflies, jitters. A lot of things went through me and with him too. My relationship with my current husband did not go so well at that time either, we had just undergone a major renovation and the loss of his sister. We wanted children, but because things went so badly, I said let’s just put that aside, as it turns out; I became pregnant just now that things were going so badly and we were looking for help to improve our relationship, I also had contact with my ex, and that helped me a lot.Although I have visited my soul love a lot, it has strengthened my relationship with my husband. My husband got to know him then, and my ex didn’t want us to end our relationship. But I did have a relationship with two men that I deeply love. My husband understood, but he didn’t know everything.

I radiated my entire pregnancy because I had my soul love back, and we often could meet. After the birth of my son I did not see him anymore, I still had occasional contact via telephone and email, but it was good that way. Things went well between me and my husband and our relationship became stronger again. And I had found the most beautiful love you can imagine, the love between mother and child. And soon the wish came for a second, and I soon became pregnant again with a beautiful daughter. But after the birth of my daughter it went downhill again with our relationship, and more and more I returned to my soul love.

When I and my soul love again agreed with each other, the spark completely broke out again, but I started to desire more and more , my biggest obstacle is that we cannot do anything together, I got the desire to wake up side by side, together on step , so actually enter into a relationship, and so do he, but we know that is impossible. Also because I told him that I choose my children and what is best for them.

I have had an erotic relationship with him and always passionately pretty intense, and he always knows how to say the right things, what you need at that moment, and you just have to look at each other and you know what the other person is thinking . I have never experienced this with anyone else. That is also the most difficult when you come for a choice, an earthly love does not go that deep and is more superficial, and then settle for it.

Now I am releasing him more and more and for the first time I see that he is addicted to drugs, I used to blame that on using his rheumatism and medicine. But because you look into those eyes you only see that soul, and you actually do not look further. You hear what you want to hear. And now I know that we have both made choices in life apart. He has not yet confessed to me that he is addicted, but that is not necessary either. It is his choice and that makes it easier for me to let go. In the first instance, of course not because you are afraid that he will fall into an even bigger hole, but he can also use it positively to get rid of his addiction.

I now look back on it as a very beautiful experience, something that I know that few people will ever experience such love, and that is liberating too because then you also know that if you love someone you don’t have to look any further. a further depth, but that it is good this way. But it is also a terribly painful experience, and I hope my children will never experience this because it will tear you apart.

For others who have met their soul love I want to give the following, enjoy it to the fullest, but know that it is not forever in earthly life there is a break in how and when you do not know, but it is necessary to each other let go of how difficult and how difficult it is, just know that the person will stay in your heart and soul forever, and learn your lesson on this planet and who knows in a future life . And give your complete love to your earthly partner and do not compare, because it is not comparable, but amaze your earthly partner with the love that YOU have in you