S132. See yourself as you are


I had been working with him for several months, he is a painter, I am a model and one night I dreamed that I was in bed with him, my feet snuggled against his calves, then I woke up and at that moment I was in a sky-blue spiral sucked down, and I heard a man’s voice say, somewhat corny, “you belong to each other”.

I had been married to a fairly aggressive man for twenty years, I dared not say anything and because of this fact he (my twinflame) waited for me for 5 years, yielding understanding for my development (which meant a terrible sadness for him then). I was raised atheistically, and the strange thing is that I have become God-conscious through this experience, because I thought it was terrible having to make a choice that would cause me to hurt my husband, I once asked “god help me” and after 6 months my husband left me without a fight (he has since been married again) and after 7 years I am still with my twinflame, in a love relationship male / female. We have a great relationship, 3 fixed days a week, we are both independent, he is a painter, and I am a grandmother. But what strikes me in spite of both our big egos is always the feeling from one to the other, I want you to be happy. Very satisfying to be yourself at all times, show your negatives and resolve discussions without wanting to change the others

I have experienced soul love as recognition, knowing for sure, being and becoming yourself, seeing yourself as you are , even though seeing yourself is not always pleasant, your small and lesser sides are uncovered, but the feeling of you is always there for me.

It has brought me self-acceptance and self-awareness, sense of God, and acceptance of others, without judging them.
It felt that he was the one I always searched for.
The most special thing was the first look in each other’s eyes the recognition
In eroticism, he was the first to look into my eyes when I had an orgasm, and this after a marriage of 2O years , having the same sexual fantasies and being able to tell that to each other without shame.

I hope everyone on this planet can meet his twinflame.

My tip is: always be yourself, if the other person does not accept you as you are then I think he or she is not the one.

When I didn’t realize that he was my twinflame, others made me aware of it like a colleague who saw us together said “you have the same eyes” and I like that but no he has green eyes and I brown on which said no: you have the same feeling in your eyes