S129. We never asked for soul love, it was just there


We met in Paris, just on the street. I was reading the map and he asked if he could help me. He was a Peruvian (BoB Marley type with rasta braids and ditto hat)
I said no at the first moment, but ahd something like that, ammai, what a piece … He made me feel good. A few minutes later I saw him again and then we stayed together for four days.
There was an enormous sense of recognition, even though I did not know that man either of her or of her. There was also a great sense of confidence: I feel good with you. There was also a huge sexual attraction. He only had to put his leg a bit against mine or I was on fire. Our energies clicked together precisely. I also wanted to kiss him all the time, which of course I didn’t dare at first.

I didn’t have a partner. We spent time together in Paris and then a week at the home of in Belgium. It was a passionate sexual relationship and reaching a peak together and merging.

An obstacle was the fact that he had no work and was rather a clochard type, with a guitar in his hand to play under the bridges … The fact that I lived in Belgium and that he was married in New York and had a child. I worked and did not want to support a man as a single mother with two children.

We never asked for soul love, it was just there. We didn’t want anything, it went naturally from both sides.
We have nothing now. He has left and I have sent him numerous letters and e-mails, but they have never arrived or been sent back.

I think they gave me that above to know what soul love is and what past lives are. The belief in reincarnation is thereby confirmed with me. I now know for sure that past lives are real and that you can meet someone again like something to finish it off.

I found the most special thing about fusing together in the sexual area and just feeling each other as if you have known each other for years.

Eroticism was absolutely very different. I have been married for eleven years and I have never experienced anything like this with my partner despite the fact that I have two children with him. Oh ok I have the spiritual dimension in a relationship never experienced with my partner. That is why I left him because we had no communication in that area.

The soul love feeling is for me; blissful, recognizable, coming home, merging, sitting on the same wavelength, feeling each other, as very familiar and at ease. A huge sense of trust and belonging.

I experience that the relationship has ended as a loss that hurts a lot. You crave it, but you can’t get it, like a Tantalus torment.

I’m definitely looking for soul love again!

Past lives are not unimportant. Soul love teaches you that they really exist and that such a soul contact is not always meant to continue together in this life. it may be that you come across it just to leave because it is finished.
I have experienced this very strongly with my colleague.