S128. Be who I am


I was looking for myself and had tried in various ways to regain control of life and to find the balance again. Until he came to me due to chance circumstances. It immediately felt familiar, as if I knew him even though it wasn’t. The next day he stopped by and told me that he was born with a gift and felt that I was looking. He wanted to help me start my life again and find myself again.
At that time I did not understand where that enormous attraction came from. It was very strong like a magnet.
When I was looking for a book about spiritualism in the library that I am very interested in, my eyes fell on soulmates. I read this book and in it I came across twinflames I had never heard of. Then read much more about this and very recognizable.

My partner doesn’t understand. The first time my soul love called he was very jealous and did not like it that I kept in touch because that was asking for problems, he said. Later he understood that it was very important to me and I think it is good that we have contact. He doesn’t really understand what it means. He is different in life than me.

I found it very confusing. How is that possible? I have a very sweet partner. And now I come across someone for whom I feel a very deep love and which has an enormous attraction. The loss is also very strong. It is a very different love from the one I feel for my partner. But very confusing.

We have a very friendly relationship with real soulmates. He is married and I have a boyfriend. We have a friendship relationship. So far we have peace with this and it is going well. We try to enjoy this friendship when we can see each other and talk.

Other people are an obstacle. What do they say? This mainly affects me. Others will not understand our relationship. The distance is also an obstacle. We live three hours apart.

The soul love has brought me to take better care of myself, dare to say no, overcome my uncertainty, to be who I am , to make choices in my life what do I want? And not what others want. I started to live more consciously and don’t want to be lived anymore. And to be able to enjoy life again!

I found the most special; feel each other’s presence even though we are miles apart. The same thoughts and statements, the same taste when it comes to food. Same interests

My soul love is very warm, familiar and unconditional. I know that we will always stay together even though our contact here on earth will be diminished due to circumstances, we will come back together.

I would really like to exchange experiences with people who also experience this and have difficulty with what others say about the relationship. This is my big obstacle not daring to enjoy this soul love while I also have a partner. Dealing with the confusing feelings.

My tip: Hold the soul love. It is very special that you have been given this. Enjoy it