S121. I could be myself with him


We became colleagues, initially not the feeling that it could be soul love but that changed within one during the annual ski trip of our company.
It felt like you had always known each other. One glance was enough to understand what we felt for each other and what our thoughts were. Very confusing because I just came out of a relationship and he’s still in a pretty long-term relationship.

It was kinship, the closest friendship I have ever experienced, emotionally in all respects (both negative and positive). Our relationship is extremely intense in all respects. Obstacles in our relationship are his girlfriend and my resignation …

At first we didn’t want a love affair, it felt very much like intense friendship and his girlfriend played along in this feeling. However, it became a love affair in a very short time.
We are now about to break off our relationship because he has decided to stay with his girlfriend. But we both cannot accept that and deal with it. So this decision is by no means satisfactory – we are both fighting it immensely, but I’m afraid it’s a fight that we’re not going to win. His promise to his girlfriend outweighs him.

Soul Love has shown me that a soulmate exists. I have never had such an intense love experience.

I find the small things special: from going away for a weekend together to drinking rose on the terrace during lunch. But the most special thing is to meet each other and experience this … The feeling is ‘pure’.

Eroticism was certainly different – a very different experience. With him I could be myself and not worry about anything.

I think you will find your soul love once in your life. He let me go because of his girlfriend. But I do know: you only live once – don’t let the love of your life slip away …