S115. I only now know what it is to really love someone. That lesson is very expensive


I knew it 3 weeks after he and I started a sneaky “free-range”. He had a relationship for 8 years, which we have never talked about. He just said he loved her too. She lives abroad for a number of years, which is why we had the opportunity to start something together. He also knew within a few weeks that he loved me. We have felt a deep connection from the beginning. Unfortunately “she” found out … and became furious, sent me and his family horrible vicious emails. I do not know her. He put an end to their relationship, but I don’t know how she does it, she has now got him back to giving their relationship another chance. I KNOW that this is a wrong choice and I have to let him go because he has to experience it himself.

I BELONG TO HIM, that is my greatest certainty ever. I have to let him go now, and maybe he won’t be back in years. Anyway. I am intensely sad, but I don’t have to ask him anything because I understand EVERYTHING about him. We have a very deep connection, rays of happiness in each other’s company, the best and most intimate sex ever, but all of that was completely obvious from the start. The biggest obstacle in our relationship was the woman with whom he already had a relationship. His doubt and his guilt for her.

We wanted each other. Now he has chosen for his earlier relationship. He calls it a Solomon judgment … The relationship was broken this week. No, I don’t think he’s happy with his choice either.

I only now know what it is to really love someone. That lesson is very expensive. The most special thing for me is the feeling of being totally connected. The soul love feeling is ‘recognition’ to me. Eroticism was also freer and more obvious. We felt one.

He decided (under pressure) to go back to his previous relationship. I am intensely sad, but I understand that he could not do otherwise. I think he must go through a process and then perhaps come back to me

My tip is: Believe in what you hear and read: when you meet the true, you KNOW