S106. The intelligibility through the language of the eyes, he knew what I meant!


I was bored at the PC, suddenly I get a PPP through a friend of which he is the maker. With a website, his photo and e-mail, and I was bored I thought I would mail GOD! No intention! The next day an email from him, I get so many emails but with you I got the feeling that I had to email back! I was single for a year, abandoned by my previous friend

Our souls were connected to each other, we felt each other, we were very sweet to each other!
But we had known each other for about nine months and most of our contact was via PC, we didn’t see each other much because he is 24 years older, and I am a wheelchair patient. My parents and family, the whole environment has been against it! Not with him, I was accepted! Our biggest obstacle was THE OPPOSITION OF MY FAMILY!
We had a mysterious relationship, and if we had the chance to be together for a while, it would be FIREWORKS

We have not been together for a single night, we have been able to see each other for a few hours! We wanted a love affair, we liked to see each other, to like each other and to like to hear each other!
Soul love has brought me joy, a lot of warm love, a lot of sorrow and heart-wrenching pain! And the most special thing was when we were together, the intelligibility through the language of the eyes, he knew what I meant!
Eroticism was also very different, I wanted to crawl all the way into him, and I could not stay away from him, he was too tasty!
The soul-love feeling is for me: PASSION …

The relationship has ended and I feel DADDY, VERY DADDY it’s almost a month out now and I still think about him any time! And before with a different relationship that never happened! I forgot in two days!
A new soul love, no, I can’t find anymore! But I have to be happy and further, BUT HE WILL ALWAYS BE WITH ME HERE!
I was forced to finish it, with a lot of pain! And afterwards I got regrets and sorrow because I can’t live without him! And he no longer wants contact because too much has happened!

My tip is: BE HAPPY, and keep it that way! Because divorce causes suffering and especially in the love of souls.