S103. Since he actually came into my life I have changed a lot and only then started working hard on myself


I have known him for about 6 years now. But not I was in love with him. And he said a few things to me at the first meetings that touched me and made me think. I myself have had something from very deep inside for a long time, I don’t want to miss him, I don’t want to lose him, but sometimes it seems like ups and downs. Some think or thought that I am in love with him, but I don’t. it is just something special. He often says that he is very fond of me. that it is not being in love. Etc. but whether it also feels so spiritual? uh don’t think so.

On the one hand my partner understands it … have a fairly open relationship anyway, although he sees that I am very close with the person. What for my partner sometimes feels as danger and therefore jealousy. But on the other hand my partner does accept it etc. I also keep talking to my husband. Even so far, remain absolutely honest. Hence my husband accepts it all in all.

I have experienced soul love as very good and very beautiful !!!! But I don’t know if he is also strongly connected with me spiritually. Well I know we humans have ns words. All in all, miss each other quickly, are very fond of each other, we idd see it is not a crush. He is married, I am married, and we really do not want to stand in between, no wayyyy, and I am going to feel more things spiritually, he? I do not know? And yes it is a very nice experience. But sometimes intense and difficult. Our relationship is now friendly and a little bit sexual.

What is sometimes difficult … okay, okay sometimes anger, sometimes disappointment, often joy and a special feeling, sometimes sadness, sometimes afraid of having to lose this, sometimes afraid of having to make a choice, sometimes afraid of letting go . And then possibly a. emptiness that comes.

Love relationship wish? He did say it is a shame I didn’t meet you 15 years ago. and he says sometimes if you are single? call me? and sometimes I have too little thoughts about wanting to be with him. mare no we don’t make that choice. we have both children, both a partner, both our lives. but how are things going in the future? you never know.

We have met each other via the internet, uhhh since he actually came into my life, I have changed a lot myself, I only really started working hard on myself.

The most special thing I think was when I was in the truck with him. And he was very tense. I knew in advance that there was something to say, but knowing that he stood before hotter fires. That he seemed pretty cool and relaxed. That I felt for half an hour he was tense. And that he just says that half an hour later his music booms off, says nothing special anymore, and suddenly said out of nowhere I’m going to get very stuffy right now. No light fell on me immediately. But felt a tension that was really special but certainly a beautiful experience

Soul love feels like a very special friend to me. that I would always like to keep with me. Fortunately I still have a nice and friendly band. I hope it doesn’t break either. and suppose it is true? I hope we don’t part with hatred and envy. but first talk. and then we better say we can go our own way. so i hope it goes then. but luckily we are still buddies !!!

My tip is; do not force anything, do not go pull at the person, do not want anything from the person, and try to talk , that is what my tip and experience is. And further? Enjoy it!

I have a few more vague questions (see also under ‘questions’ on this site): is it possible that your soulmate does not have a strong spiritual connection with you? That person, for example, still has to develop in it? Does it often happen that people have to let go of each other after a certain amount of time on earth So if both are alive?
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