S087. This relationship has changed me, I have become more spiritual, I can feel more, I am more assertive, much more myself


The meeting with my twinflame happened at a party of a ‘mutual friend’. Actually, I didn’t feel like going, but against my better judgment I went anyway. When I arrived there were already some people, I had bought a nice bottle of liqueur for the friend and I was allowed to make it myself a soldierNot much later someone came in … I will never forget that moment again, a tall slender blond man with black leather pants and a black blouse. The first thing I really noticed were his eyes … heavenly blue and I almost drowned in it. Because I already had some glasses I dared to tell very carefully about myself and that I had just finished my relationship and lived on my own. He had just experienced the same thing and that was a very recognizable situation for both of us. What was also different was the fact that we knew each other from somewhere … We asked each other about all kinds of places where we had been. We both love Dance so we discussed all kinds of parties, it was true that I also attended many of the same parties as he had been but he did not appear in my circle of friends. Funny to say is that he actually did not want to come to the birthday party but still went…. says enough! No, there was nothing we knew about each other, but I remember well when I looked at him that there was a recognition that went very deep. I was immediately in love but more than I could admit at that time.

Two weeks later he called, he had received the phone number from the ‘friend’ and we continue to chat very cheerfully as if we had not been away from each other. We agreed to have dinner the following week, in a Mexican Steakhouse !!! No sooner said than done. At our 1st date I was almost 1 hour early hihihi I was nervous. When he came in we went looking for a nice place. We ate delicious and both drank Tequila cola (he found that to be unusual because almost no one likes it!) And our evening was great! Late in the evening I went to his apartment and after some chatting I fell asleep … half because occasionally I opened my eyes. Music from Cafe Del Mar and a very special atmosphere. He did not sleep, but spent all night waking around me.
He could only look at me and smile and later he told me that that was the moment he recognized me as his soul love!

rom the moment we have a relationship. It has been 5 years now, but it is a strong relationship with enormous deep valleys and huge peaks . We have already left each other several times, among other things because of my fear of commitment and his enormous ego and always saying that he is my mirror etc. etc.
In short we have it not easy but I know one thing that I love him dearly.
It is strange but as a child I have always felt that there had to be someone, 1 person who exactly belongs to me and fits and that is right. Now he is in Mexico for 1 month to flee everything and get it back on track.

This relationship has changed me, I have become more spiritual, I can feel more, I am more assertive, much more myself. On the other hand, I sometimes forget myself and lose myself in him.

The most special thing that has happened between us is that together we have become 1, we are a team. He is my king and I am his queen. Together we are so strong and we have moved mountains!
Our love goes very deep, sometimes it hurts, sometimes there is that doubt, but in the end we find each other again and again. Even though there are others who want to destroy us.

Our eroticism can best be described as literally becoming 1, merging. I experience a close intimate bond with him and there is no more shame. I can give myself completely to him.

I can describe my soul love as coming home , finding what you have been looking for throughout your life, what you have longed for. Also accept that it is not always easy but that by continuing to communicate, by understanding each other’s good and bad sides you can stay together, grow together. It is a lesson that you ‘get’ in your life and from which you can get everything out of which you can become a better person.

I’m not sure what tips there are for others to meet your soul love, I think you’ll meet when you’re ready. When you are really open to it. He and I may have met each other dozens of times but both had relationships and REALLY didn’t see each other!