S086. It has mainly brought me closer to myself, has become much more spiritual, I think differently, live differently


I met my soul love in a cafe, although of course I didn’t know anything about it at the time, it immediately seemed as if I had always known him. He was a bartender so it was very difficult because he was flirting with everyone so it really became a battle between wit and feeling. I collapsed and went to the internet to find out what it could be. Then I came across the “twinflame” and knew it immediately! I told him a few weeks later. He was not surprised at all and immediately believed me, no, he knew.

It was very special, as if I could “read” him, we understood each other without words, we felt each other’s energy, I had never experienced this before , I wanted to be with him constantly, to hug him. Really enjoy every second, every look, every smile and remember everything to never let go. Love is unconditional, I was always jealous, not anymore, we belong together. The kissing was heavenly beautiful, almost too intense, too much emotion, as if you were releasing from the earth.

He has a girlfriend but that doesn’t matter, a relationship is not really important at the moment. I have only known him for about five months, so it is still very early, I see him every week in the café, except he has not grown so far, or “balanced” (whatever I call it) that he wants further contact. That does not matter, I am learning so much from him at the moment that I think it is so good and he has to get used to it.

The fact that he is a bartender and entertainer does not make it easy on it, he has a decent mask that he does not even take off for me, which is very frustrating, because you have to be very sturdy in your shoes to be able to handle that ( and I can know). He doesn’t want to hear about it and he flees from me and himself, which led to escalation in the past. Now it’s different, I adapt and we don’t talk much, I understand him better without words . We are not ready for a love affair yet, and if it comes so much, it will take a while before he can give himself in completely. I am his weekly “energy boost” in the cafe where he works, we like to dance together at the bar, it’s a shame we can’t talk because that usually goes wrong, but for now it’s good, we learn a lot from each other.

It has mainly brought me closer to myself, has become much more spiritual, I think differently, live differently. I try to learn from everything and help people in their journey to their “own me” . I am very happy and privileged to be able to experience this and have never been so “free” inwardly. It is the most beautiful gift from god.
The most special thing was the moment I told them we were twinflames. We held each other as if we would never let go, everyone around us no longer existed for a moment, together I always say 1, 1 + 1 = 1, he folded his hand in mine and we looked at each other, through each other … energy everywhere … Wow! This was perfection, this was true! So this was REAL love. For me, soul love feels like the pinnacle of joy, love and emotions, liberation from yourself, contact with the highest and most beautiful, too intense for words

If in doubt, try to find out everything through books and the internet. I completely collapsed when I started to doubt. I no longer trusted my feelings and others thought I was strange, trust your own feelings!