S083. I think I want to make it clear that it is often not the intention to fall in love with a soulmate


If you are in love with someone then you feel that with a CLICK and a feeling that keeps dragging on (falling in love) Well you feel this click with soulmates even 100 times as bad, almost intolerant …

I informed my partner but told me that I was in love (and without realizing it, I was not in love, this was profound love, too profound. So we broke up … I had never experienced such a crush, Eventually I realized that this was not normal, I constantly missed him, wanted to know where he was, while I am not at all possessed or jealous in character (never been). we were together and we wanted to be CONSTANT together (so fierce that I thought it was no longer healthy). I soon got the feeling that my life was only uncle 1 thing: HE

We have been together briefly but (much too) powerfully but the attraction was great, we both realized after a while. Our social life fell apart, working was no longer fun, we just wanted to spend our time together because only then did we feel complete, calm, in our safe cocoon, away from everything … There was no obstacle whatsoever in our relationship, but both realized that this situation was no longer ‘healthy’. We were obsessed with each other and had no eye at all for anything or anyone else … In the beginning it was very difficult to stay away from each other, even if there were others, we could not wait until they were outside … Anyway, the attraction was absurd and (unlivable) intense! And after a while the two of us realized that we couldn’t go on like this. We put an end to it in consultation, you can imagine how embarrassing this was for the two of us, but more and more we got the feeling that this was not the intention, our lives were all about each otherand if we didn’t see each other, we thought of nothing else (we were really obsessed). I couldn’t go outside without calling 20 times: ‘Everything okay, are you ok? ‘We have broken contact with each other, but somewhere we feel each other’s presence and we both find comfort in the fact that we know each other that we exist and that things are going well

Even though you sometimes feel very intense feelings after a meeting, it is not always in love. And if you are in love, it is not always the (higher) intention to enter into a relationship. Sometimes the greatest form of love is: RELEASE EACH OTHER !!! And we have done that, we have distanced ourselves from each other, but I know and feel that it is ok (after a long period of cancellation).

What I find most special about soul love is that we felt the same and that we knew what we wanted to say without words. The intense eye contact was FENOMENAL. Not to describe . Perhaps this was an omen of the fact that we were not supposed to start a relationship, but the sexual contact was not so phenomenal. You cannot describe or explain soul love, you must feel this. The words that come closest are “UNDERWARDLY intense”

Now that I am back with my friend I feel calmer, I can enjoy the love. I am not looking for soul love again. I don’t think I’m going to experience this again. And then I first make the thought: ‘already a chance’. Yet I am very grateful that I have met him and that I may know that he is there. Unfortunately, the situation was unbearable for both parties

I think I want to make it clear that it is often not the intention to fall in love with a soulmate. It is important to enjoy the positive feelings that the soul brings out to you. It is not always the intention to respond to these feelings, but ENJOY the feelings that are released when you think of your soulmate or when you see his picture in your head. And what I know for sure is: RELEASING IS THE STRONGEST AND LEAST EASY VOM OF LOVE !!