S074. Mirror each other so that you see what you should change about yourself


I saw him during a meeting, it was a strong recognition. he had the same experience. we didn’t know each other.
My partner did not understand and felt competition. in the end, our relationship came to a break.
Soul love is deep, intense, higher, intense, beautiful, loving, moving, confronting.
I have a loving relationship with my soul love right now, independently of each other but together. There were mainly obstacles that were in ourselves.
We knew we had to continue together, the love that was released when we were together was enormous. we knew that we had to come together for our children, among other things.
We have a bar relationship with time for ourselves and time for each other. we never lose contact, it is there 24 hours a day.
This love mainly brought me myself.

The most special thing was that when we looked at each other, it seemed like an electric current was pouring from the heart to the rest of my body. I felt that to my toes and the tips of my hair. That current felt like pure love.
Eroticism is also much more intense, with heart and soul.
The feeling is ‘pure’.
Try to keep looking in the mirror that your buddy holds up to you, even though it is still so difficult … eventually you will see yourself …

My tip; don’t make it a drama …. it’s beautiful, pure and intense. Don’t let others determine your life because they don’t understand.