S072. I do not need to describe the soul love feeling any further; it only consists of love


We both knew it when we first met, although we did not know the concept of soul love either. My soul love was in a relationship.
We had a love affair the next day. There was no need to talk about it. It was obvious. It was just like that. Even if it wasn’t possible. We did not feel guilty about it and there was no jealousy. The circumstances and our love were 2 different worlds.
Everyone who knew us talked about how we were always in love together. We were checked everywhere and talked about; we were a two unit.
A cultural difference was a difficulty in our relationship. My soul love is married and has children.
After 4 years I broke up. We both could no longer live in 2 different worlds. We both started to see the environment and that caused stress. I did not want to remain in a triangular relationship and he was less and less able to hide it from his family.
The love is still very strong. When I think of him I get tears in my eyes and I don’t miss him so much, but the feeling of love between us. Often not much later I receive a text message from him or a phone call once every six months. He says he thinks of me every day and feels when I think of him.

Our lives have improved. We have grown in terms of being able to give to someone else. I no longer have feelings of jealousy in relationships. He has been better able to integrate into Dutch society, which has also benefited his family.
The most special is the unconditional love we feel for each other.
I do not need to describe the soul love feeling any further; it only consists of love.

His love is always there. I feel very well that I have other things to learn and give in my new relationship.
We share a body characteristic that is not common. I regard this as a sign that it is a soul love.

My tip is; do not resist when it presents itself or when it leaves. Go with the flow and enjoy what it brings you.