S064. I found myself by meeting him


Someone sat down next to me at the fair and I suddenly felt whole. Never, since I was very young, I was so connected to myself and the rest of the universe , he also felt something very intense and thought that it would never pass. After that I developed spiritually fast and feel better in my skin than ever but just long for him, don’t know if it will wear out, but even the memory is good enough to keep me clear.
For the first time I felt like a resident of this body, as if I was coming home. Gave me a lot of energy and clarity of mind, lost pounds and am developing enormously spiritually. Enjoy despite the lack of him, can no longer have contact through incomprehension of his partner, more and more of my current existence. Many things have become clearer to me and I experience things more intensively than ever and for the first time I love everything that I experience…. it is hard to explain, you have to feel it. As if I beam non-stop, I feel a lot of love despite all the sorrow, which I never wanted and could feel as such before. Everything is okay … Although there is nothing tangible else.

My partner was very shocked and thought I was just in love. I don’t think this is the case, this goes on, I had never had this feeling and I am happy to know it now, although it is hard to understand that one-off seems, when I think back I feel it again and know that it is and will stay there, but I cannot yet disconnect it from the person who made it happen to me. My partner can’t handle it, is scared and jealous and uncertain, he says, also angry and disappointed. I am very sorry about that, but I cannot help it, acknowledge his feelings, but it is a pity that this is how it works.

I have a love affair with my soul love without significant physical contact, but so intense that both partners experienced it as competition, we wrote and talked about life, I already knew everything before he said it, I don’t know how it was the other way around but he filled it perfectly my feeling, felt real, just finished, we stopped, he couldn’t handle it and I didn’t know how to deal with it. Love should not hurt others, I thought, but even now I think differently, love does not hurt, dogmas and ideas do about it, but it is good that things come as they come and I have learned through them. Did not want to miss it.

What was an obstacle in the relationship with my soul love is that we are both married and did not want to hurt anyone. At first we felt hurt by the breakdown and the sorrow and anger of our partners, I can’t ask how that works for him now because he asked me to stay away from him and his wife,she is completely upset (has a fear of abandonment) and even gets me out of fear. I can’t be a threat if they love each other, but come time, come advice, I see how things develop, don’t wait but try to understand myself to continue to live and learn from myself and others. Hope for happiness for everyone, you can’t get it from someone else if you don’t have it yourself. He and she don’t seem happy and that sometimes makes me insecure, but I see, let it go.

My soul love and I wanted a love affair, but it was not possible at the time, though we did have it in a different way and with me it is still there. When I see him cycle past or think of him it feels like a magnet or something is pulling on me and then I feel happy and unhappy, half but still whole, alive like never before … very strange . Even if sometimes I accidentally have eye contact, I feel that power, but it shouldn’t be that way … probably not a time, but with the idea that there is nothing now, it is still there, only the lusts are outside and I miss my resonance in him and his influence on me.
I do my best to be happy with what I have learned from it and I am disappointed when I feel that he feels bad. We should be able to talk about this, but his partner really doesn’t understand it and doesn’t want me around. Sounds very strange but it is, she is so scared and I have been that myself for years and fear is unreal but terrible and I cannot take it away from her, even though I have tried that. I think they will keep it going and it will perhaps also contribute to their development, I hope so, but otherwise it will be so bad for nothing.

What this soul-loving experience has brought me is that I am enormously on the emotional and intuitive level, say that I race on the spiritual highway and it only makes the world more understandable, life is more beautiful and that from my mouth, the self can sometimes not understand, but it is wonderful. A blissful accident, I found myself by meeting him.
I find the most special; feeling completely understood and at home without doing or saying anything. Very quiet while everything seemed unprecedented on the inside. Very good. An intense longing for each other’s proximity.
We did not experience eroticism together, we consciously opted for it, but afterwards we regretted it, even skin contact between us was fireworks. Everything attracted me and made me alive ..
For me, soul love is a perfect feeling of love. Can not describe it, Heel, although I do not feel half now, but would like to have it again, fortunately … really.

… I don’t know if you should end your love relationship, marriage or other relationship for this feeling . We couldn’t do it anyway. Do our partners, whatever we love, not want to hurt his wife’s daughter and my sons unnecessarily. It was too intense and too much to oversee then and now it is later and we will continue to live without each other’s proximity and will see what else life brings.

… I have never searched for soul love, I can still feel that kind of love through him. I love everyone else differently, even husband, husband and children… strange enough. But the love is enormous and I feel it for the whole of life.
The love he woke up with me was my salvation, a step to where I am now, in a wonderful life with misery and happiness, pain and euphoria, no longer afraid of anything, only hopeful and impatient now and then but that finds its place too. At least I am more aware than ever. Without having experienced it, it probably didn’t happen that quickly. Can only thank for it, I have sorrow for saying goodbye, but it was worth it.
I don’t believe in coincidence. My tip; explore your inner life and life, learn everything and view everything from all sides, be open and enjoy if you can and make yourself and others happy, ché sera, sera !!!! If you encounter him or her, you will know immediately