S056. It was exactly what I needed to transform


I immediately recognized my soul love. I know a twinflame, with which I am enormously connected and far beyond the soulmate connections. It is a magical chemistry, an attraction that I was not immediately aware of why this happened to me. I immediately felt that we were not meant to be together. This is so perfect that I didn’t want to harm it. We looked into each other’s eyes for hours without saying anything. Everyone around us saw this too and knew that something very special was going on.
In retrospect we were meant, but indeed not for the longer term … this contact goes deeper than the earthly plane. He has always stayed with me for the rest of my life and has been a great support through which I have survived my life, that I am doing well now and can be happy.He was there for that moment, as a benchmark in my life , where I saw my angel and could always lean on him, so that I had a good idea of ​​humanity because he was there. Has said such striking things that have changed my whole life afterwards. It was exactly what I needed to transform. I know I’ll meet him again later. It has been a very difficult period to accept that we will not be together for a while, it will all be alright.

My twinflame felt exactly the same and was touched by it.
My current partner, a soulmate has experienced the same with his twinflame. We as buddies may meet each other now, so that we can heal and later return to our twinflames, healed.

It was a magical energy, everywhere he was, everywhere I was, we are connected. I know when he thinks of me and vice versa. We had a deep spiritual love affair. I came across myself.

I am not yet ready for a love affair with him and we have therefore each chosen a different path for me, I am now learning to stand behind myself. I am so deeply connected to him that I have forgotten the focus on myself. It hurts to have to develop and to have to go through emotions to really heal before I see him again. It is also ok at the same time. It is clear that we see each other again. It is bite to the price.

I have gotten a more complete I back. The best thing was the moment of hours staring at each other and being unable to do anything about it, it didn’t even feel strange.

The soul love feeling is like a deep ray between me and him, a connection that is always open, a support a fusion and at the same time a power to be yourself completely. Always respected, complete, okay, free.

My tip; Make no mistake about the difference between a buddy and a twinflame, if you have him you feel that you know that. If in doubt you don’t have it