S050. 6 years as soulmates


Anne-mie and I work in a living group with 10 deaf children, all with additional learning disabilities, behavioral disorders, mental retardation, autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, dyspraxia, … In this hodgepodge of children, anne-mie and I found each other … we were on the same wavelength. In terms of functioning in the living group, we also felt each other flawlessly, what the needs of the children are; the approach with an adapted orthopedagogical framework… We understood each other and noticed more and more that we also felt each other and complemented each other. Really nice harmony.
That is how Anne-mie started her plea last week with “soul affinity” but unfortunately she can no longer work with me. I also felt removal between us in recent months but I could not place it properly … And now is a definitive break … She is moving to another living group with pain in the heart … Both she and I will probably never see such a colleague like us again 6 years of experience as soulmates … Very unfortunate ..