S039. My life has changed in every way, I am experiencing a huge deepening


Just a short message. About half a year ago I met my twinflame. We have endured intense and hectic times , ranging from heaven (being together) to hell (both occupied, so no future together as a couple).
Now we are happy at a point where we can really continue. We both have a family. I love him and his family now. Sincerely. The funny thing is that our sons look very much alike literally and figuratively (not the 4 parents!). It is also remarkable that his whole family does not want to leave when they are here, because it feels so nice and familiar (time stands still). It sometimes remains difficult because I continue to find him sexually attractive (of course) and I want him so badly around me and that is not always possible because of our busy lives. It is striking that he does NOT believe anything of spiritual, even when I recently gave out of the blue (never done before) kind of reading of his wife’s deceased father. I accept that now. Conflicts with him always resolve quickly. I never thought that unconditional soul love existed. I am very happy with my own husband and our two sons. And therefore also with my twinflame. I know that from now on he will always be in my life (and afterwards).I am deeply grateful that I can experience such a great miracle after a very eventful life. My life has changed in every way, I am experiencing gigantic deepening . My husband doesn’t know about it (yet). He attributes the changes to a conversation with a clairvoyant, which was drastic for me. Oh yes, my son recently said “M. (twinflame) looks like you”. So he feels it too. Funny, because in terms of appearance and way of doing things, we really do not look alike for one meter :).
Thank you for all the information on your site. Sometimes it greatly supports me that I am not alone