S029. The contact has contributed a lot to my spiritual development


After 32 years I found my soul love again, very coincidentally, 3 days after the death of my father, his father died and through the death notice I found my childhood love and so a re-encounter followed with many ‘coincidences’ which I afterwards as symbols experience growth.
My love for him was so strong, deep and sincere that it sometimes hurt. The eye contact in particular was so intense, we were both very upset by the re-encounter.
But we were both married and wanted to keep it that way, as friends we would go further, but because of our sincerity some expression of love was virtually impossibleand we hid it for the other not to hurt, this was very frustrating in the long run, so there was always talk of attracting and repelling, this took almost 7 years. Until I no longer wanted to and again, I couldn’t say goodbye, I couldn’t let go, until we told each other we would see how things were going and only then could I let go in love and that gave me a very liberating feeling.
Love is unchanged, but it no longer attracts me. I don’t know how my other half is doing, the contact has been broken.
But the contact has contributed a lot to my spiritual development , I have experienced deep unconditional love for someone I would never choose myself.
But in him I saw so much beauty and purity in the core that it probably reflected my divine core and despite the pain that I no longer see him, I have the feeling that it is no longer necessary either, I think he / I hope continue to develop better without me if he chooses.
In short, I have come richer from this experience