S023. Soul love is the best thing that has happened to me


I discovered my love for my soul at work, he first stopped the boat, but later admitted that he had immediately felt attracted to me. I told my partner when it was only about being in love. When I talk to my partner about twinflames, he must have none of it. I have already experienced soul love very intensely. Soul love is the best thing that has happened to me.
I would like to have a love affair with my soul love but I am married and have chosen my family (at least, I am frantically trying).
Currently we no longer see each other. I am very depressed now and do my best to get rid of ‘addiction’.
What soul love has brought me is a sense of responsibility for the family and hopefully real love for the children. I didn’t want them (afterwards) to grow up in a broken family. And I started with spiritual growth, living in the now, worrying less, living less from fear (this is at a very early stage).
The most special thing about my soul-loving experience is that we always had good contact and that I became incredibly calm with him.
I am not looking for a soul love again, I will have to do this again or I will choose a life alone and hope that he is still available. Let’s see if I can keep my promise to the family