S019. If I would describe soul love that it is ‘out of this world’


We found each other via the web. I had once placed an advertisement with Onkruid and had long forgotten it and suddenly there was that e-mail …… We met after a while and I just had a déjà vu, it was good and it was just… a feeling of coming home, I know it, it’s okay. I looked at him and there was something of it; but I know it, I kind of shook myself awake, looked again, and I knew, totally familiar. I was allowed to drive his car straight away, we talked for hours as if we were not strangers…. I had no relationship then, I was alone for 13 years.
Together we had an intense relationship in which a great deal of negative ego was transformed, we had a wonderfully beautiful first year, after which more and more child pains surfaced that we transformed together. He too, after hesitation, started looking very slowly at what had to change, he just started, I already had therapy on it. I learned a lot about relationships for which I also received a gift from my heavenly companions. What I have experienced here, what I have left for this relationship, I have never talked about for anyone.I loved and still love him. From the relationship numerology that I then made and through a channeling during a healing and during therapy that I followed it was confirmed that we have been doing this together from the beginning and have never been apart.
We also encountered obstacles in our relationship. The child pains and resulting projections were in the way. I have worked through it and managed to put everything in the right perspective every time, explain this to him and thus keep the relationship going every time. Unfortunately, he dropped out due to his own great fear and very strong negative ego. I have been told from all sides that he is coming back. I am just now a bit out of the deep valley that I fell after leaving,it took me 5 months to get over that pain and heal my heart.
He has fear of commitment … … was just separated from his power relationship … We no longer have a relationship. He chose to leave because he is afraid of even more transformation, it also went very quickly.
Through this soul love experience I know what love is, what a relationship should look like and I am transformed, there is nothing left that I have to change, find, heal, I am ready. I still love him and I am deeply grateful for the process of the soul that was allowed to take place through this great love. I wanted to be for him…. If I would describe soul love it is ‘out of this world’.What I liked the most about soul love is the “without words know …” always soft gestures, small things, glances in each other’s eyes … .. unity. We have never experienced eroticism together. Nothing came of it because we were still on the soul level and the youth were in between, my abuse and his mother bond.
That our relationship has ended has been and is a major loss. Channelings have informed me that he is coming back but that I have to choose between him and someone else who will be there at that time … The way I feel now, I will choose him again, I cannot imagine a relationship with someone else. I’m looking for such a kind of love again.
What I want to say is that before they think of a divorce, people should first look deeper because there is so much more to the relationship life that needs to be thought about and felt.
I want to give to others; dive deep into old, subconscious child pain, hold back negative ego and the mission of your soul – find out who you really are and do not project anything onto your partner – he may act like someone did then but he / she has nothing to do with that to make pain from then. So just talk about what is happening now and find out the rest by yourself.