S017. It was almost like being born again


I discovered soul love by having the feeling that you have known someone for years, having an intensely warm feeling that you cannot live without each other and wanting to keep in touch every day, even though you have seen each other briefly. I got to know my soul love after working with a friend. Where I would just go for coffee. I felt an intense warm feeling when I was received. As if I lost all my burdens. It seemed like I was born again. The soul love I have met is seen more by my partner as the father type for me. I did not tell him that he is my soul love. Frankly, I would rather keep it that way. I am afraid if he knows that our earthly relationship will change.
I still have contact with my soul love. It is as if we cannot miss each other. Just a short conversation is enough, but in general I want to be with him, although that is not good with my current relationship. The only obstacle is that nobody is allowed to know (from a moral point of view) that we have those feelings. Which is frustrating on my feeling. I live very much with my heart and sometimes have trouble with the sometimes so energy-free life that we now live in.
We talked about it and it is a dream of both to always be together. Age does not play a role in love, in our case the age difference is more than 28 years. For this reason we keep it a secret, and I hope to get to know my soul love again in the next life.
We are very good friends and try to be together every hour what we can get. These are then full of energy. Just a pity that it is not always possible. I feel much happier even my partner notices difference. I have a lot more energy and I can hardly stop sharing it with others. For me it is as if I have started to bloom again.
The most special thing about soul love is for me; feel that you are now complete with the other person there. The best thing was feeling what you have as if you had come back from a long journey without any sense of shame or hindrance. It is as if you feel each other and you know exactly what the other person needs. It is certainly different from an ordinary earthly relationship. Because you don’t have to explain to your soul love how you feel. I would describe the feeling of love as; warm, fiery full of energy, hoping that the feeling never goes away. Only want to experience with your heart and soul.