S016. When you have experienced it, everything in your life is no longer what it has been


We felt each other’s presence long before we met. There was a feeling that knew we would meet anyway. The recognition would be there from a doubtless obvious. And so it happened. We both had no relationship and were for a while just to make room for the meeting.
What happened after the first written exchange was a wave of joy, recognition, ecstasy, and joy. I felt what he felt and vice versa. We know the same thing. Our intuition is the same. We have the same allergies. Are equally sensitive to certain circumstances sounds, smells. There are similar memories from past lives and a lot of synchrony in this life. We both knew we would meet.
The relationship we have with each other is that we have found each other again for a month and that we are in the middle of a fusion of our lives. My children also experience this man as a natural presence. No resistance, an open welcome. It is destined and we are going to live this earthly life together until the dead separate us again. It was immediately clear that we are together after a long time and that that miracle wants to be lived and experienced. We let our material earthly affairs be guided by the higher and we know for sure that that will be alright. There is trust.
The soul love has brought me that I have found what I missed many lifetimes, I feel complete again.
The most special thing I experienced was the (material) encounter on the beach. We walked towards each other to feel each other’s humanity, before that we had two weeks of written and telephone contact. It was a big bang, an association, a miracle, a ray of light.
The soul love feeling is the most blissful thing there is . What I feel exceeds all my romantic expectations, it is more than anything I had imagined. Being sexual together also fully expresses being one. I even felt our common name from once.
Soul love exists !! And when you have experienced it, everything in your life is no longer what it has been. I feel my whole being doubled. All the gravity of earthly existence has been halved. Fireworks when we are together. Fierce, intense but above all extremely loving. We do not want to hurt each other and realize that if there is ever going to be pain, we only have to look deep into each other’s eyes to find grace and healing.
I would like to say to others: believe if you feel that he / she is near in your meeting. Do not be afraid.