S014. I feel liberated and one in myself


As a woman, I had a food business. One day he came as a representative. I thought I had seen the holy spirit. We just loved each other. My husband felt the strong attraction between us.
By stopping my case I could not see him anymore. I got into a divorce with my husband. Three years after my divorce I applied as a representative and ended up with him. He became my boss? We got into a relationship and became aware of who we were; twinflames.
For me, that deep love bond was a bond that I had never felt before. I imagined the bond with my children and with my parents, but this goes beyond everything and was much deeper , including sexually.
We only had a sexual relationship. Through that relationship that was still outside of me, I came to my own center and became aware of my divine core. Our relationship is now ending. He lives with a wife. I’m still alone.
Our biggest obstacle was that he wanted sex with me for a long time and I wanted to get to heart level.
We did not want love relationships together, we have solved a lot of karma from past lives.
I feel liberated and one in myself but we are friends. He puts things outside of himself and still only wants to make love, which is no longer possible for me.
We are friends now and don’t see each other that much at the moment. It is good for me. I can let that go but I still want to feel each other in heart contact.
The soul love feeling is a feeling of infinity. Sex is also different from andrs; the sense of unity is enormous, the flow of energy feels so divine.
I myself would like to grow and come to heart contact and know if we have a goal together.

What I would like to say to others is; it is not always the prince on the white horse, it can go wild.