S012. I have become more aware of life and certainly of the spiritual


I came to a store where I regularly went shopping. Suddenly another man stood at the counter, I had never seen him. We had an intense feeling it seemed to last minutes I was blinded by the feeling, I seemed surrounded by fog when the fog disappeared I saw that he was perplexed for a moment. Before I saw who was standing in front of me I felt lightning and thunder my whole body was tense, I saw nothing through a thick fog it was just like an earthquake. We were completely upset. I was able to keep it silent for two years, but after seeing him a number of times, I could not ignore it. His brother-in-law was immediately aware of it and then the ball started rolling. My husband could not and cannot understand we have even been separated for three months
We haven’t had a relationship, not even talking about it. I don’t think that’s necessary, we know it’s mutual that you feel. I wanted a relationship and so did he but we are both married and have children. After reading what twinflames are, I no longer needed a relationship with him. I have resigned myself to it and know that someday we will be together. I hope he knows that too, but I don’t know that. I would love to tell him so, but we decided not to see each other anymore because his wife is doing everything to keep him away from me.
Now we don’t even say hello to each other anymore because we are afraid that everything will flare up again.
This soul love has brought me a lot of love but also a lot of pain, because there is no place for us to be together in this life.I have become more aware of life and certainly of the spiritual. I no longer have any doubts about the hereafter.
What I like best is that we didn’t have to say anything to know everything about each other. I now know what deep love is and that you can only feel it once and that is with your twinflame. It feels like a very intense and warm feeling that you will never get enough of and that you want to experience again and again.
Now that we no longer have contact, I feel a great loss and I always want to go to him, but because his wife is always sticking a stick, I have decided not to see him anymore. I love him to the depths of my soul but I also want him to have no problems in his marriage that he has chosen, no, because you will only find something like this once in your life.
I have thought for months about this special feeling of love and did not know what it was but by reading about twinflames I now know. It is a wonderful feeling and I know that there will come a time when we will be together forever.