S010. I have become much more aware of that relationship


I met my soul love when I was at a specific chat box for the first time. It was the first time there for him! We quickly started a personal conversation with each other. Initially my partner knew nothing about it. Afterwards I had to tell him because he had his suspicions. I was very honest with my husband then, and also told him what my soul love meant to me, and what I felt about it. My marriage was in very bad shape at the time, and the fact that I had met my soul love certainly did not do my marriage any good at that time. My husband who declared me ripe for the madhouse.
I had seen my soul love once and I immediately felt that it was much deeper. That there was a lot more. A great discovery, but also a coming home. As if I had been lost all those years, but now I am right. Exactly whether that man could give me all the answers to all my questions. All very intense and very emotional. Sometimes it made me crazy. We both only had to say half a word to understand each other.
The relationship we had was very intimate, very intense .. attracting, repelling, shouting, raging, .. very emotional, very tender. There were also difficult things. He was at a breaking point with his marriage. When he had left his wife, he sometimes blamed me for their ruined marriage while he was still in a mourning phase.
At first I tried to keep him at a distance, but after the first time I saw him, I had an inexplicable feeling of getting married to him and starting a family. I could no longer resist the temptation to see him, and therefore tried to get in touch with him every free minute. As much as possible.
He is remarried at the moment, and I have revived my marriage. It was not yet the time for us to go through life together.

I have already met soulmates, but it is a big difference with a soul love. Soul love is much more intense. It is a “perfect” love. No demands, no conditions … being one together, without many words. I have become much more aware of this relationship , and in the end it has made my marriage stronger. My husband and I have become very open and honest with each other, and despite the fact that my husband still finds it nonsense, he realizes what I have given up.

I found the most special thing when, one early morning, half awake, half asleep, I made love with my twinflame, while my soul love was at 130 km. away from me. We both had the same experience at the same time. The best part: his daughter and my daughter care about 1 pm. Now you have to know that my daughter is a twin, and one fruit I lost in seven weeks. When my twinflame told me that his daughter is thirteen hours older than my .. I got serious goose bumps.
The recognition: I was in the car and was driving when he looked at me, and I felt electricity running down my back, and then I burst into tears. A very emotional moment too.
With eroticism it is as if you have known each other for years .. you know exactly what the other person likes without asking. I have never had that in a different relationship before.
The feeling of being in my soul is all-embracing. One word, one soul, recognition, coming home, saying a lot with few words, feeling each other at a distance, even smelling each other.

Now that we no longer have any relationship with each other, it feels like a part of me is no longer with me, but still wants to be with me. an intense desire to see him again, but not being able to, because time is not yet there. Because sometimes you can’t help each other to grow .. I felt that I still had to help my husband, and that is why I chose for my marriage. My soul love still had to learn a lot, and I couldn’t help him with that either. I will never find what I had with my soul love with another man. That feeling will never be the same. Even now that my marriage is even better than ever before, I will never have what I had again.

I currently have two friends who are in a similar situation. I notice that more and more people are becoming more aware.