S008. I learned more in less than 2 years than in 35 years


I met my soul love when I was 17 or 18 years old but did not know that he was my twinflame. 16 years later I received a message from him through a chat program, I did not speak to him then but first read his site. after four lines I got all sorts of messages from my higher ego (or God?) that he was the one I had always been waiting for. That he was my soulmate, that he and I would someday
get together. I recognized myself in his words on his website. I knew who he was, but the recognition for me came later. I think he didn’t want to see that because he was married.
When we came in contact again for years, I was consciously single, literally preparing me for a meeting with my twinflame. my twinflame is in a marriage with someone who shares no interests with him at all. She has not known about me for a long time but since a few months she knows that her husband and I know each other on a high spiritual level. He has not said that we have shared other things with each other. I sometimes find it very unfortunate that he does not mention that for her, but yes, it is his choice. if he and his wife are ready, he will probably tell.

I have experienced love as fireworks, lightning, thunderstorms, stars, moon and sun all together. Recognition, spiritual growth accelerated. I learned more in less than 2 years than in 35 years . It was coming home … knowing … feeling … It was becoming natural high… yin-yang … unconditional love … seeing energy … more open … seeing and feeling brighter … stepped out of my body and met my twinflame … discovered another dimension … felt him at a distance … could talk to him at a distance … got the same ailments or as he lost weight then I came to hahaha … I have had predictive dreams about him a few times … want to crawl into each other … want to touch each other but not be sex-oriented … start your own transformation process … learn what unconditional love is … mirroring … in you stand your own strength … believe in yourself … look for everything in yourself and not outside yourself … every encounter, kiss, touch, freedom is the first … putting on and repelling … periods of repelling and being alone is to work on yourself … removes fear and love brings you together.

The relationship we had started as buddies but after the 2nd meeting it was also a physical love affair. we kiss, make love but have not slept together. think the right time for that is when we are both completely balanced, pure … would be nice to also merge physically.
The biggest obstacles we encountered were fears and expectations that you must learn to let go and learn to live in the Now.
Fears are: your past, old patterns and old beliefs. Expectations are: your future, worries, desires, wishes, wants, demands, conditions (this only leads to stress and illnesses and
anger and you live from an illusion). Living now: being aware of the here and now and consciously using your attention in everything you do. Be honest to yourself and realize that if you feel attacked by something the other says, realize that it is not because of the other but because of a feeling that is in you.
The biggest problem I have experienced with my twinflame is that he was not really honest about his mistakes and defects and I gave this to the assembly line. I shared my trial, he didn’t. I communicated very openly with him and he almost only talked about my things. He taught me as a teacher but he didn’t want to take anything from me. I wanted to work together and he wanted to do everything alone. Lack of communication was the biggest obstacle in my eyes.
I wanted a love affair with him but I knew it was not possible NOW because he was
in a marriage. We already have a love affair in my eyes, but I don’t see him often because he is not free. I know God will bring us together at the right time, first we both have work
to do on our own transformation. if we would skip that, we would fall back in a conditional relationship in no time and the mistakes we made in the past will repeat themselves in this relationship and that is not the intention. that only happens in earthly
relationships, not in divine …
At the moment we have a more spiritual relationship … sometimes we saw each other after about 4 months, sometimes after half a year. and sometimes when things went well we saw each other 3 weeks in a row once a week. This is not satisfactory for me, I would like to see him more often, but I know that the time we don’t see each other is necessary for ourselves. In this period we can work well on ourselves without leaning on the other.
Through my twinflame I have discovered that I am only perfect when I also have my dark one
acknowledge side. We prefer to deny this side because society would prefer to always see strong, beautiful, smart, spontaneous, slender, rich, etc people. You should not show your weakness and problems in the outside world. I am now whole, more myself, happier, love myself, I have gained more patience, more understanding, am more tolerant, more honest towards myself and others, more responsibility, learn to use my past for my future now, learn unconditionally from myself to love and my twinflame. This allows me to apply what I have learned with my twinflame to others and also learn to love them unconditionally. although the latter is more difficult. Conflicts have diminished because I no longer look for the blame outside of myself, but within myself.Through my twinflame I learned that I should not think but feel.
I found the most special thing is that every time we see each other, our eyes make soul contact with each other, we know what it’s like between us without using words. Our eyes shine like the sun, we smile from ear to ear, we see ourselves in each other’s eyes, a true mirror image. we crawl together as it were
when we are together and fit yin and yang together … it is enchanting. all moments are special …
Eroticism was very special in the beginning, very different from other relationships, yes, we touched each other but not in a sex-oriented way. Making love and kissing was blissful, we didn’t go any further than that, so I can’t tell anything about the deed. I did discover that if we fell into our ego, then the sex was also different. Then you are not working from love but from lust and that is a completely different energy that you feel. I really don’t like that and that’s why I consciously choose not to go to bed with my twinflame until we are both in balance.
My twinflame is the most beautiful being in this universe that I have ever met. I can only love him now because I have learned to love myself so much.

In our current relationship we sometimes do not see each other for months, they also rarely speak but the band is there. letting go is not possible, yes in an earthly way but you are forever connected by God and that cannot be broken by anyone. so even though I have not seen him for a while, we are still together. I firmly believe that you can come together with your twinflame if you both have ‘passed’ the assignment to love unconditionally. often people fall back into terrestrial relationships because their ego was again gripped by fear (jealousy, struggle, hatred, violence, wanting to change each other, judging etc). I don’t settle for less than love, my twinflame and I are still working on our process. You attract what you are, I could only attract people who would treat me badly if I would throw everything I had learned in recent years overboard. no i don’t take one
pleasure with less than myself … I am love and a relationship can only work for me if the other is also love. Or that the other person is in the same or nearby vibration number. As love, you will
not easily enter into a relationship with someone who totally does not suit you or who does not share your interests, norms or values ​​at all. So yes … I only go for the same kind of love that I am.

What I also want to say is; try not to think so much because that is the function of your ego … try to feel more … that is the function of your heart …
And one tip I want to give is; always be honest to yourself, if you have conflicts and certain feelings come up of anger, fear, inferiority, feeling attacked or hurt etc., please do not blame the other person because they are not his / her feelings but yours. Investigate those feelings, ask yourself why you feel that way. look at what is missing and then give it to yourself … usually people have the core belief that the other does not love them, they do not
valuable enough, not important or sweet enough. Do not look for these things in someone else to make you happier or more complete, but look for yourself. Give yourself what you actually secretly demand of someone else
. Above all, stay with yourself, believe in yourself and what you feel, regardless of what others want to talk to you about or how your twinflame sometimes behaves during the rejection