S006. My twinflame love showed me unconditional love


We met at work. It clicked immediately. He believed we had already seen each other. I found that nonsense at the time!
My partner couldn’t handle our friendship because he saw how close we were to each other. He felt threatened for the first time! Now he can not accept or accept it, but he does not understand.
My soul love realized much earlier than me that he loved me (but he was most scared). For me it was falling in love at that time. Only after four months when he changed work did it become clear to me that I loved him dearly. It was hard to say goodbye. We kept in touch but never really took the step in the years that followed.
The relationship that we have together changed from colleagues to friends and from there to loved ones. A major obstacle to our love was that I was married and he still lived together at our meeting. Dishonesty, avoidance, denial, fleeing, … We both want a love affair, but earthly things don’t make it easy for us. He has a hard time confronting himself. It frightens him that I read his soul. I have no problems with that.
We need a little time for ourselves. He more than me, but I appreciate that because I feel he needs it. It is very difficult for me to keep a physical distance because I miss him. But I believe in our mutual love. Whatever happens, it goes beyond this life.My twinflame love showed me unconditional love. It is stronger than any love. It has confirmed my suspicion that there are more things in life that we cannot grasp the intensity of.
I find the moments together the most beautiful, which brought us so much peace and love! During sex with my twinflame this did not give me the feeling that we would be connected for a while. This is of course because I experience a strong sense of belonging anyway.
The soul love feeling is for me an unconditional love beyond borders. Nothing or nobody can take away this feeling. Fantastic to be able to experience it together, but not always easy! You feel each other’s feelings. A piece of soul together. We have a twinflame relationship forever; we always stay connected. But now it comes down to whether his fear is overcome so that this can actually remain physically. We are currently in a twilight zone. I find it difficult because I miss him and me. If this relationship bleeds to death, I will not search. He is my twinflame so … love does not bleed to death. We are connected forever.
What I want to say to others is: Don’t let fear affect your life together. If you are sure that you want a life together, do not let anything lead you off your path (not even for a moment).